78 Year Old Deadlifting Granny

Deadlifting Granny
Deadlifting Granny

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How many humans of any age can deadlift 225 pounds? Not how many could if they started lifting, or used to deadlift that much, or could if they weren’t injured, or will be able to eventually, or have the potential to…. I know most guys who lift weights can deadlift 225 pounds but there are also a hell of a lot of guys in this world that don’t look like they’ve ever touched a weight and don’t look like they’d be able to hoist 225 lbs. We see a lot of them protesting these days.

Enter Shirley Webb, 78, of Club Fitness in Wood Lawn, Illinois. Shirley’s inspiration to join the gym was to accompany her 20 year old granddaughter. She started lifting for the first time two years ago and slowly worked her way up from a 45 pound deadlift to a recent 245 pound personal best. Prior to pumping iron, Shirley needed assistance getting out of a chair. Now, at 78 she’s the strongest she’s been, at least deadlift-wise, than she was at any other time in her life.

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