Angry Bodybuilder Doesn’t Want His Photo Taken

First Amendment Auditors are generally Youtubers who take video from public property in order to see if people respect their first amendment right to take photos and video in public. Apparently, a lot of people don’t know that, legally, the camera is an extension of the eye and you cannot trespass the eye. You can’t legally prevent someone from recording you in public any more than you can legally prevent them from looking at you. For the record, from public property, you can also record anyone’s private property as well. As long as you are standing on public property, you have the right to record anything your eyes can see. There is no expectation of privacy in public and it’s up to people to create their own privacy. Of course, this is the United States, other countries mileage may vary.

First Amendment Auditor Ely records anyone and everyone. Mr. Olympia takes it personally and insists that Ely delete his video. Ely has other ideas. Start at 1:25:55

To his credit, he is built a little like Tony Pearson at 65:

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