The Built Report Training Principles

The Built Report Principles
The Built Report Principles

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The Built Report Principles

There are many disparate training principles floating around in the bodybuildingsphere. Built Report has undergone聽a detailed compilation of these principles.

The Built Report Superset Principle-聽 With this聽Built Report Principle 聽you will be training opposing muscle groups immediately after each other. You will be doing alternating sets of biceps and triceps by, for example, doing a set curls followed immediately by a set of triceps extensions. Your triceps are being stretched and recovering for the next triceps exercise as you train biceps, and vice-versa.

The Built Report Muscle Priority Principle –聽This Built Report Training Principle involves working 聽your weaker less-developed muscles first when you have more energy so that they get the attention and the energy needed for them to catch up proportionately to the other muscle groups.

The Built Report Pre-Exhaustion Principle聽–聽This Built Report Principle concerns prefatiguing a larger muscle with聽a聽single-joint movement like lateral raises for shoulders聽followed by a compound-joint movement like military presses.聽It’s kind of like聽The Built Report Superset Principle except that you are following 聽an initial exercise with another exercise for the same body part but one that brings other muscles into play as well. You’re going from the specific to the general. 聽For example, when you fatigue your quadriceps with leg extensions you follow up with squats聽so that other supporting muscles come into play and allow you to keep hitting the quads.

The Built Report Pyramiding Principle –聽This Built Report Principle relates to聽multiple sets of an exercise聽starting off with a lighter weight and doing more reps,聽gradually increasing your weight as you decrease your reps.聽This聽Built Report principle allows you to gradually warm up your muscles as you increase the weight.

The Built Report Tri-Sets Principle聽–聽This Built Report Principle allows for聽聽three sets in a row for the same body-part with as little rest as possible in between sets. You may聽tri-set your chest muscles by doing dumbbell flyes followed by dips followed by bench press. It’s basically like The Built Report聽Superset Principle except you’re adding an extra set and doing all three sets for the same muscle group, like biceps.

The Built Report Set System Principle聽–聽Unlike聽HIT(high intensity training) 聽where usually only one very intense set is performed in order to fatigue a muscle group, the聽Built Report Set System Principle simply聽incorporates聽multiple sets per body part.

The Built Report Compound Sets Principle聽–聽You are聽alternating two exercises for the same muscle group, one聽set of one exercise immediately聽followed by one set of another聽exercise聽for the same body聽part. For example standing barbell curls followed by preachers bench curls.

The Built Report Giant Sets Principle-聽Here聽you do聽4 or more exercises for the same body-part immediately after each other. It is similar to The Built Report Tri-Sets Principle except that you are doing at least 4 same body part exercises back to back.

The Built Report Instinctive Principle聽– This Built Report Principle聽allows you to experiment with聽your training to find out what works for you.聽This allows you to聽use your intuition as to how you approach your training.

The Built Report Staggered Sets Principle聽聽With this Built Report Principle you “sneak” in sets of weaker muscle groups throughout your entire workout. For example, if you have weak calves you do sets of calves every now and then throughout your chest and back workout, for example, so by the end of your workout you will have done multiple sets of calves聽and kept them pumped throughout the entire workout.

These are only ten of the many Built Report聽principles but enough to聽get you started on a Built Report body. These principles are in no way to be confused with…what people are bringing to聽our attention are…the “Weider” principles.

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