Lou Ferrigno: Top Actor in Hollywood

Lou Ferrigno Oscar

Lou Ferrigno has made a list, if not the list, of the top actors in Hollywood along with such luminaries as Jon Voight, James Woods, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, and others.

There have been those that have claimed it’s just a list of conservative actors but those that have made that claim have been accused by others of having an agenda.

Who’s to say who the top actors in Hollywood are? Well, Built Report, for one, and we agree that Lou is one of the top Hollywood actors.

No actor can fling bears like Lou, as evidenced by the accompanying gif of Lou bear-hurling as both “Hercules” and “The Hulk”, and that’s just the characters that Ferrigno has portrayed which start with the letter “H”. Imagine if we went through the whole alphabet.

Why wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger on the list and does Lou or Arnold win in the pose below?

Should rising action star Lou Ferrigno Jr have been on the list?

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