Is “Bigger” Movie An Insult To Schwarzenegger?


I can’t imagine Schwarzenegger being happy with this. They made him out to be a chimpanzee. His father was the local chief of police and they portray him as the backwoods Austrian Borat. And when did bodybuilders time each other’s sets with their wristwatches? And how did the actual Hollywood actor that portrays Joe Weider manage to deliver a worse performance than non-actor gym rat Calum Van Moger? This sub-Ed Wood level absurdity preys upon the ignorance of those appallingly unfamiliar with even the most nanoscopic understanding of the history of bodybuilding.

Hasn’t this already been in theaters? Why am I seeing new clips? And why am I promoting it here? Ridiculous!

Peppy upbeat trailer for the most intense, engaging movie ever.
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