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“Bigger,” a period piece with a notable budget, delves into the world of bodybuilding and portrays a significant chapter in the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This film, however, raises questions about how it may depict Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the trailer hints at an unflattering portrayal of him as a mindless, gapped-tooth dolt.

Set in the backdrop of the bodybuilding scene, “Bigger” seems to be more than just a sports movie. It provides a lens through which to explore the dynamics of power, control, and competition in the world of bodybuilding, as well as the journey of Joe Weider and the role he played in shaping this industry.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who went on to become a legendary figure in bodybuilding and beyond, is a central character in the film. The trailer, however, leaves viewers wondering if it might present a caricatured version of Schwarzenegger, focusing on his physical attributes while downplaying his intellectual and business acumen.

The movie also seems to re-imagine Betty Weider as a bold, smug, wordy, over-confident proto-feminist . It also hints at a potential contrast between Betty Weider and Joe Weider, depicting the latter as a persecuted billionaire who had to navigate the challenges of asserting his control over the world of bodybuilding.

At its core, “Bigger” explores not just the sport of bodybuilding but the complex, behind-the-scenes struggles that Joe Weider endured to shape and dominate the industry. His control over bodybuilding and its media is a central theme, illustrating how he became a powerful figure in the sport.

The movie appears to capture the era before the internet disrupted the status quo, changing how information and media are disseminated. This historical perspective provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the evolution of bodybuilding, from a niche subculture to a mainstream phenomenon.

While the trailer raises questions about the portrayal of its characters, only time will reveal how “Bigger” chooses to depict the bodybuilding legends and the journey of Joe Weider in the competitive world of bodybuilding. It promises to be a fascinating exploration of a captivating period in the history of this sport and the influence of the Weider brothers.

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