Mike O’Hearn vs Blaha and Vegan Gains

Mike O'Hearn, Vegan Gains, and Jason Blaha.
Mike O'Hearn, Vegan Gains, and Jason Blaha. Click on above image to see the uncropped version.

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Mike O’Hearn should thank “Train To Look Good Naked”(TTLGN) for featuring him on his channel because he makes him look like a real person. I don’t follow these Youtube things too closely and maybe it was O’Hearn that invited TTLGN to train and videotape at Gold’s Venice like he offered Youtuber Jason Blaha, but the videos that TTLGN puts out are entertaining and show O’Hearn in a context other than as a photograph or spokesmodel. They also show that he has a sense of humor and can laugh about himself. TTLGN benefits as well because I had never heard of him or his channel before, but now I’ve watched a few of his videos, based on my interest in his initial video featuring Mike O’Hearn.

I first heard of this whole “O’Hearn vs everyone” battle on Vegan Gains channel where ‘Gains “decimated” Mike O’Hearn and Jason Blaha. His attack on O’Hearn centered on exercise equipment he is promoting called “The Frog” and he obliquely trashed Blaha, it seems, because O’Hearn invited Blaha, another “Frog” mocker, to train with him, and not Vegan Gains. I then watched Blaha’s video trashing the O’Hearn promoted “Frog” equipment which, I assume, may have been the initial or one of the initial O’Hearn/Frog attacks.

If you only watched the Vegan Gains and Blaha videos you’d be getting part of the story. In TTLGN’s initial O’Hearn video regarding Vegan Gains and Blaha, O’Hearn barely gives Vegan Gains any mention, which has got to make anyone that is looking for attention seething mad. To O’Hearn, Vegan Gains in not in the Fitness Industry and has less muscle development than most women. O’Hearn then makes Blaha seem like a deluded, gun wielding mental patient that spends a great deal of time on a couch.

What you realize after watching O’Hearn’s response is that, anyway you shake it, O’Hearn is a 6’3″ blond haired Superman who has been paid to be on numerous magazine covers and the other guys are not. In a follow-up TTLGN video once again featuring O’Hearn and the comparatively skinny TTLGN guy training at Gold’s Venice, a good-natured O’Hearn continues to refer to Blaha as “the fat guy on the couch” and this time relegates Vegan Gains to “female who lives with “her” mother” status.

The end result of the TTLGN videos is that TTLGN is now on the map, at least to me since I had never heard of him before, and Mike O’Hearn shows that O’Hearn, even casually mentioning Vegan Gains and Blaha, is more devastating than Vegan Gains’ well crafted furious O’Hearn rant and Blaha’s passive-aggressive couch-bound spiel. O’Hearn vs Blaha and Vegan Gains is like Donald Trump against Jeb Bush. O’Hearn is just having fun and is only responding to Blaha and Gains’ brutal initial attacks, but because of what O’Hearn has going for himself and what Blaha and Vegan Gains don’t, O’Hearn’s “brushing flies away” has the end result of a stinging slap across the face.

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