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Jerry Ward has one of the top Youtube bodybuilding channels, can speak
extemporaneously without any edits, and seems to know his subject. Below
is a rough transcript of one of his episodes. Computer transcripts are
not yet an exact science, so the translation is not perfect.

Warning! Jerry uses a lot of colorful language.
highlighted the curse words so that you can avoid them.
 Scroll down for the video.

Whats up everybody? Welcome to Bios3 Raw Tv.¬†Yes, people are stupid, buddy. Yes they’re fucking stupid. Ok Tell them. Stupid¬†Mother Fuckers. Ok. Peace out, bye. You with the peace out bye shit, fucking stop watching your¬†own videos. Knock it off. Raw TV. Well, fix this fucking camera angle make¬†that shit fucken square. Yesterday or last night i put up this¬†fucken photo on Instagram and of course¬†it opens up a fucken can of worms to the fucking wrong people as always and it just shows me that there’s a¬†fucking shit ton of Walking Dead out there. You guys are fucking- Im just a few view this channel your ¬†fucking fan you’re The Walking Dead you re fucking¬†stupid with some of the fucking things that you said. It is a picture of Holly Holm who I didn’ t even know who the¬†fuck Holly Holm was. I don t follow MMA. I know who Rhonda Rousey is.¬†I’m not a fucking Rhonda Rousey fan and I didn’t go see the fight. I don’t give a¬†fuck less who wins. So it was not a knock at her because fucking Rhonda loss. I could give a fuck less I didn’t bet on that I don’t even know the fuck¬†people- Last time I really paid attention to MMA Shawn S? was fucking
champion ok? So. there’s a picture of her that’s all over the internet wearing these pink fucking bottoms at the weigh ins. Apparently its not a Rhonda weigh in ¬†but it’s at a weigh in and you can see the hypertrophied¬†clitoris on there fucking it’s like the size of my thumb¬†and¬†I saw the picture¬†and¬†there was a debate going on forum about whether or not was fucking¬†steroid use bla bla bla bla¬†I said this is interesting because you know nobody I,¬†I,¬†myself, talk about, you know, don’t fucking do steroids. Guys, don’t do them¬†because you fucking can get gyno, you could get acne, you could get hair loss but basically could¬†shut your body down for the rest of your life. I got an email from an individual today who, like, two years ago contacted me¬†about using stuff. I told him not to. He used it in and fucken shut himself¬†down and he’s fucked up now. So, you know, I talked openly¬†about fucking¬†not¬†using steroids for¬†guys. Not so much for women in, recently in the last¬†six months, I’ve gotten an influx of women clients and many of them are using fucking different anabolic¬†performance enhancers based on other coaches fucking¬†advice in there stupid fucking boyfriends and husbands who¬†are¬†fucking retards. And what happens¬†is¬†things fuck up, things are not working out, and they contact
me to fix what’s going on and they fucken¬†–¬†I don’t know anything about and they send ¬†me fucken.¬†Their intake¬†form and there’s¬†all these fucking things on there and I’m like why are you doing this shit?¬†You don’t compete.¬†You’re¬†never gonna fucking be, even if you did, be at a national level. There’s no fuckin reason take these.¬†In my, I’d¬†say¬†99% of my people don’t¬†take a single fucking thing. No drugs. No women.¬†No men. If they’re in another country where its legal and they decide to use them¬†that’s fine¬†but I dont recommend nor do I fuckin tell people that they fucken should or shouldn’t do this. I dont do that. Ok? Not that I don’t¬†fucken,¬†that I’m an anti fucken drug guy but I’m just saying that I don’t believe-I believe there’s a time and place for¬†everything and I believe that 99%¬† of these fucking people shouldn’t be playing with them.¬†And I put up¬†this picture about Holly ¬†and it shows the clitoris ¬†and it’s fucking¬†like the size of my thumb¬†and¬†people, some people they¬†get it. Other people are outraged.¬†Oh my god, Jerry! How could you? This is just mean.¬†It’s all over the fucking internet. There’s a picture of her with a dick on the internet. She clearly fucking¬†knows it’s there. She’s not¬†fucking stupid.¬†She knows what it¬†looks like. She put on the fucken¬†bottoms. At the Rhonda Rousey fight she wore like a black pair of shorts. She figured it out to wear something where does it show again but its still there, doesn’t go away.¬†Whether or not it’s,¬†it’s¬†natural or it’s from fucking drugs doesnt matter. Bottom line is it’s there and¬†not many people- not many women want to¬†fucken see that.¬†People go, Jerry, maybe it’s just a fat vagina. Mother fucker, that girl is fucken¬†shredded like an Ethiopian. She’s¬†fucken¬†pealed to the bone.¬†You¬†lose fat on your pubic bone mother fucker¬†it’s not a fat pussy. That’s not what it is. You dumb fucks.¬†Maybe she was born that way. Maybe she was but the¬†bottom line is a lot of women are not born that way but wind up looking like that because their¬†dumb ass fucking boyfriend or¬†coaches tell then to¬†take something that does and they fucken¬†regret it and I fucken¬†end up¬†talking¬†about it later. So, let’s cut out the middle man right off the fucking bat and talk about it so these fucking¬†women know not to fucking do with these stupid fucking trainers and these¬†stupid fucken boyfriends are telling them to do. If you want to have¬†an enlarged clitoris, have fucken¬†hair loss which some women have which fucking¬†Monica Brant did a¬†video having¬†hair plugs¬†put in her hair cause¬†fuckin her hair fell out. Have your voice deepened. Shave your face. You want to do all that shit? I don’t give a fuck.¬†But there’s a lot of women that don’t that seem to be coming to me to find out how to
¬†reverse this shit¬†and guess what? You fucking can’t. Once it’s done, it’s done. I can’t tell you how many fucking times and some of the trainers coaches out there jesus fucking christ¬†not only do they encourage it¬†but they push it on their clients and¬†fucking sell it.¬†They supply¬†it to their fucking¬†clients. Ok. There’s¬†some coaches out there right now that don’t even know how to get anybody
in fucking¬†shape unless they’re on drugs.¬†Ninety percent of their fucking¬†people are on drugs¬†or they supply¬†them the fucken¬†drugs. I recently had a woman sign up with me and I was shocked she was¬†taken a few different things I said why are you taking these? Well, to¬†get lean. I’m, like,¬†but you’re stuck. You’re not¬†getting leaner. They’re not working. Do you know why they’re not working? And she said no. I explained to her what was happening. When¬†you take growth hormone your body thyroid the regulation of thyroid changes. Your body decreases¬†thyroid.¬†When people take growth
hormone.. guys, pros, bodybuilders, you take t3 with it. When you take Clenbuteral the fat burning effects stop that’s not just down to do the receptors¬†down regulating.¬†Thyroid actually decreases while you were on the clen. When you start taking Clenbuteral¬†you take¬†your temperature you’ll see your temperature spike like a degree. After a while you see that the temperature goes back down that’s not from receptor¬†downgrade. That’s from thyroid¬†regulation down regulating. You’re fucking shutting your thyroid down at a certain point.¬†You don’t know what the fuck¬†this shit does. Most fucking trainers¬†don’t and they¬†give them this¬†shit or they fucking tell them to take it. ¬†They get fucked up and the next thing they’re like, I don’t know.¬†I don’t know. It’s not from that.¬†¬†These fucken boyfriend and¬†trainers are telling the women that whats happening to them is not from the drugs. Are you fucking retarded? This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen.¬†So pay¬†attention women. Like I think it’s fucken¬†so funny. ¬†I hope that some of you little¬†mother fuckers¬†are watching this¬†right now. That some of you women get on my fuckin¬†Instagram page¬†and send stuff like Jerry¬†there’s nothing wrong big clitoris maybe shes born with it.¬†Click on¬†the¬†fuckin¬†pictures of you and you yourself are roided out¬†fucking monster
woman. I can see it. You’re doing muscle worship shit. ¬†You look ¬†like 19 inch shredded arms. Shut the fuck up. You’re saying it’s okay because it happened to you. Give me a fucking¬†break. The little bikini competitors who’s four feet tall with 85 pounds doesn’t want a clitoris the size of my fucken fist¬†because¬†you say its ok.¬†For fucks sake.¬†So¬†the walking dead out there don’t get it¬†and say dumb shit like Jerry, you lost a fan in me.¬†You don’t¬†fucking get it. I don’t want fans.¬†I don’t want mother fuckers sitting there thinking I’m fucking cool based on someone being politically correct saying that its OK for fucken women¬†to take drugs it’s okay for women to fuck themselves up¬†Steroids¬†are the greatest thing in fuckin¬†the entire planet.¬†That’s not real. That’s not fucking reality. I don’t want you in my reality¬†when you have your own little reality that’s kind of¬†fucked up but the bottom line is I lose fans because¬†fuck¬†you. Go.¬†Kick rocks don t let the door hit you on the fucking¬†ass on the way out because¬†the
reality is women take this shit¬†and it fucks them up and if you don’t want to hear it stay off my fucken¬†page. Stay of this fucken– this page right here¬†stay off my Instagram stay off all that shit¬†but that’s not gonna happen. Ok, cause you want the information to nobody else talked about the information but just sometimes you¬†hear something¬†you don’t fucking¬†because maybe your girlfriend took some or your wife took something and you fucken told them to take it. They got fucked up.¬†The¬†next thing¬†I’m the bad guy for posting a picture ¬†of a girl with a clit the size of a fucken fist¬†and saying¬†this could happen to you. Whether she whether it happened to her or not¬†from those drugs is beyond beside¬†the point.¬†But the bottom line is this shit fucken happens. Ok? And once it¬†happens it’s fucking¬†permanent.¬†And now that I,¬†you know, step back and go there’s a¬†lot of fucking trainers¬†out there¬†doing that. They’re telling there¬†fucking¬†girls to take this shit. Bikini girls that take growth hormone.¬†Are you fucking kidding me? If you can’t get in shape for a bikini contest without growth hormone you need to find another¬†fucking hobby. Bios3training at Leave your comments down below but don’t fight. WWW bios3trainings the blog¬†. This is for all the dumb fucking¬†trainers and¬†boyfriends who are¬†fucking morons bicep and we’re out.


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