DALL E Mini Fake Bodybuilder Mugshots

Bodybuilder Mugshots

More DallE Mini experiments…

At the present time, the more well known the name, the more accurate the AI results will be. That’s why we’re inputting “Arnold Schwarzenegger”‘ and “Lou Ferrigno” more than others. Currently, the AI doesn’t even produce recognizable Lee Haney, or even Steve Reeves, likenesses.

Lou Ferrigno’s “mugshots” look scarier than Schwarzenegger’s.

It took four tries, a total of 36 images, to have 9 “decent” Ronnie Coleman likenesses that we could compile together in a block of 9 images. Seventy five percent of the AI images output didn’t look like Ronnie Coleman.

AI will output decent likenesses of practically any well known actor, so Sylvester Stallone was no problem.

DallE Mini understood the “idea” of Rich Piana, with the tatts and all, but the facial likeness is off.

This one of Dorian Yates is similar to the Ronnie Coleman “mugshots” except this “only” took 27 images in order to select 9 images that looked Yates-ish.

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