Ken Waller’s Wedding

Waller Wedding

In the captivating chronicle of Ken Waller’s wedding, a vivid array of personalities graces the frame, each figure embodying a unique chapter in the grand narrative of bodybuilding lore. From Ric Drasin’s presence, a snapshot frozen in the sands of 1971, to Art Peacock’s photoshoot with Arnold, the scene unfolds, revealing the West Coast scribe Cliff Swan, the muscular prowess of Chuck Collras in the ’67 AAU Mr. California, and Arnold’s iconic moments at Gold’s Gym, entwined with Art Peacock.

Ed Giuliani, a distinguished figure from the 1975 IFBB Mr. World, stands as a testament to the golden era, while Ken Sprague, the custodian of Gold’s Gym from ’72 to ’79, adds his chapter to the narrative. Ken Waller himself, frozen in the lens of 1969, becomes a central character, flanked by the likes of Ron D’Ippolito, a devoted Gold’s Gym employee.

The tale unfolds further with glimpses of Art Zeller at the ’55 Mr. Venice, the timeless physique of Frank Zane as 1969 IFBB Mr. World, the indomitable presence of Franco Columbo, crowned in 1981 as Mr. Olympia, and the charismatic Dave Draper, captured in the tranquil beach setting. Bud Danitz, Gold’s co-owner from ’70 to ’72, and the enduring Zabo, etched in the frame at age 45, complete this mosaic of bodybuilding luminaries, each contributing a rich hue to this remarkable scene.

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