Frank Zane with Tom Platz Legs

Zane Platz Thighs


In a recent video, Tom Platz related how Frank Zane encouraged him early on in his bodybuilding career.” You have the legs thing going on, you should market your legs, you have something we don’t all have.” Which got us wondering what Tom Platz’s legs would look like on Frank Zane’s body and, surprisingly, at least in this shot, they don’t appear too freakishly out of proportion but, in comparison, almost make his waist look too small. A side shot. Once again, they blend in better than expected with Zane’s upper body. The fullness of Platz’s leg biceps on Zane are a standout, but they are as well on Tom’s own body. Zane’s signature vacuum juxtaposed with Platz’s signature extended quad pose. Disproportionate thighs but an interesting shot. Back shot. Reasonably proportionate although Tom’s ankles and soleus bow looks especially immense on Zane. Here’s where it all goes wrong. And Platz-style posing trunks wouldn’t help. Platz’s leg positioning magnifies the appearance of his already huge adductor muscles. That, combined with the extreme vastus lateralis outward bow, looks awkward on Zane. Question: In this shot, how much more upper body mass would Zane need to attempt to balance out Platz’s legs. Answer: This much!

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