Jusup Wilcosz Dies at 71


Jusup Wilkosz (8 November 1948 – 19 November 2019) was a prominent German bodybuilder whose career journey and contributions to the world of bodybuilding are noteworthy. He began his athletic endeavors as a weightlifter before transitioning into the realm of bodybuilding, a decision that would eventually lead him to work alongside legendary figures in the sport.

Wilkosz’s career in bodybuilding began in the 1970s, a time often regarded as the golden age of the sport. During this period, bodybuilding gained significant popularity, thanks in part to iconic figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was during this time that Jusup Wilkosz had the opportunity to train with none other than Schwarzenegger, an experience that undoubtedly shaped his approach to the sport and his training regimen. Training with a figure of Schwarzenegger’s stature was a testament to Wilkosz’s dedication and potential as a bodybuilder.

However, despite the promising start to his bodybuilding career and the mentorship of Schwarzenegger, Wilkosz faced a series of setbacks in the form of injuries. These injuries ultimately cut short his journey before he could reach his full potential. Such challenges are not uncommon in the world of professional bodybuilding, where athletes often push their bodies to extreme limits.

In 1994, Jusup Wilkosz attempted a comeback with the intention of preparing for the prestigious Mr. Olympia Masters competition. It was a testament to his unwavering passion for the sport and his desire to showcase his skills at the highest level. Unfortunately, he was thwarted by injuries once again, a testament to the physical toll that the sport takes on the body.

Despite these challenges, Jusup Wilkosz’s legacy and impact on the world of bodybuilding lived on. In 2007, a semi-fictional novel titled “Was bleibt. Die Reise des Jusup W.” was published in Germany. This book, translated into English as “What remains: The Journey of Jusup W.,” allowed readers to delve into the life of this remarkable athlete and gain insights into the 1970s and 1980s, a time often considered the peak of bodybuilding. The novel offered a unique opportunity to relive the era when bodybuilding was at its zenith, and Jusup Wilkosz played a part in this captivating narrative.

Jusup Wilkosz’s story is a testament to the resilience and dedication of athletes who pursue their dreams, even in the face of adversity. While injuries may have cut short his competitive career, his impact on the world of bodybuilding, his dedication to the sport, and his connection with luminaries like Arnold Schwarzenegger ensure that his legacy endures.

Liebe Freunde,

heute schreiben euch Barbara, Jusup’s Schwester, und Arlette & Jochen, gute Freunde von Jusup. Wir betreuen gemeinsam Jusup’s Facebook Seite.
Mit großer Trauer müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass Jusup heute von uns gegangen ist. Wir werden sein empathisches Wesen, seine liebevolle Art und sein großes Herz immer in Erinnerung bewahren.

Jusup wohnt in all unseren Herzen.

Barbara mit Familie
Arlette & Jochen

Dear friends,

Today, Barbara, Jusup’s sister, and Arlette & Jochen, write you good friends of Jusup. Together we support Jusup’s Facebook page.
With great sadness, we have to inform you that Jusup has gone from us today. We will always remember his empathic essence, his loving kind and his big heart.

Jusup lives in all our hearts.

Barbara with family
Arlette & Jochen

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