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Saturday, November 16th 2019, history was made the biggest raw bench press ever done by any human in human existence, was done today by Julius Maddox with an easy 744 pound bench press smashing the all-time world record by almost 5 pounds. This was done on only his second attempt with a lot more strength still in the tank. I don’t normally do these sorts of videos. I wanted to cover this because this deserves a lot of recognition.

This is insane. Out of all of mankind’s human history, only five humans have ever broken that 700 pound barrier on the raw bench press. Raw, meaning there’s no equipment being worn to assist or aid the lift at all. If you’ve seen the bench press that’s any heavier, it means they were wearing a bench shirt or something along those lines that was there to assist the lift, there wasn’t raw brute strength.

There have only been 5, starting with James Henderson with his 711 pound bench press, then Scott Mendelsohn with his 715 pound bench. Scott also set the equipped world record with a thousand 30 then Eric Spoto with a 722 pound bench press. Then came Kirill with a 730 eight and a half pound bench demolishing in the world record by a landslide. Kirill held this record for a few solid years until Julius came around this past summer of 2019 and beat by one pound with a 739 and a half pound bench. The bar fell after the rack command was called so it was a good lift and official but today Julius knocked it out of the park shot.

Shout out, my man Leroy the machine Walker for sending me the footage. He grabbed from his end. I appreciate it. Follow Leroy on Instagram. He’s an insane bencher himself and I got to watch the livestream where we saw Julius opened up with 680 pounds and he smoked it like nothing was on the bar. He jumped to 744.1 pounds for a second attempt all-time world record and he lit it up. It looked like an easy second attempt. Julius himself posted on his Instagram that he ended up forfeiting his third attempt just cuz he felt a lot of tightness in his pec. He didn’t want to risk injury. I personally think that was incredibly smart of him live to lift another day and he went and got that new world record and he did it officially and clean as a whistle.

This is exciting as hell, so congrats Julius. Follow him on Instagram as well. I can’t wait to see where he goes with this. Julius is young – I believe he’s only 32, around that neighborhood, correct me if I’m wrong, and he’s been progressing fast. The normal knee-jerk reaction is to see a number like this and say can’t wait till he hits 800 pounds but that’s tough when you’re talking these elite numbers. Jumping from 744 to 800 isn’t like going from 344 to 400. It’s a big difference, especially when talking about the bench and not a squat or a deadlift. But if anybody can do it he’s definitely the one, with how fast he’s been progressing – I’d like to see it happen.

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