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There’s an article on about a lady named Marketa Belonoha and they describe her as a fitness model. She doesn’t enter fitness model contests but the point they make is that she is a fitness model, she’s a model of fitness. And the article starts:

“Is Marketa Belonoha a fitness model or does your definition of fitness model only include plastic, breast implanted women who diet down until their hair becomes brittle, their foreheads reveal¬†veins, they appear to lose all collagen in their bodies and faces, and their¬†skin becomes¬†as thin as a 90 year old woman’s?”

And they give an explanation of the history of female bodybuilding or fitness:

“In order to make money off of female bodybuilding¬†they had to¬†have competitions like they did with the men. The problem was that they applied the same judging standards. Women usually had to wait until they were elderly to experience¬†thinning hair and paper-thin skin.”

The point is that a lot of this fitness model or figure competitions or whatever are contests that are about peaking on a certain day, one day out of the year. Is the peak that the “judges” desire even good? Who wants to see women with 2 percent body fat? Is it preferable having fake, painful looking breast implants as opposed to natural breasts? And skin so thin on the abdominals that there’s wrinkles isn’t a good look in the first place, Why are they competing to peak in a condition that doesn’t look good?

Now, if you look at this picture of Marketa Belonoha, she looks like that all year round. Natural breasts, and he structure’s right. She’s not trying to add muscle on to a bad structure. She has a narrow waist, feminine hips, good shoulder to waist ratio, nice looks, nice legs… That’s a fitness model!

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