PEMF and Bodybuilding

The above video serves as an introduction to PEMF.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT), also known as low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS), uses electromagnetic fields in an attempt to heal non-union fractures and depression. By 2007 the FDA had cleared several such stimulation devices.


There are too many people reporting positive effects, on a variety of different physical and mental issues, for bodybuilders not to at least know what PEMF is. Home devices are now being sold and, if they have a similar effect to TMS on depression or mood in general, could be well worth the price. Your mind can limit your body’s performance, or even your will to perform, if you’re not at 100%, much less feeling awful.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a method in which a changing magnetic field is used to cause electric current to flow in a small region of the brain via electromagnetic induction. During a TMS procedure, a magnetic field generator, or “coil”, is placed near the head of the person receiving the treatment. The coil is connected to a pulse generator, or stimulator, that delivers a changing electric current to the coil.


Depression patients are speaking very positively about TMS sessions but they cost over $10,000 for a series of treatments. With PEMF, however, once you own the $5000, or more, device, you don’t have to pay $10,000 each subsequent treatment series. There are 24/7 TMS clinics popping up for depression in California at $10,000 per series of treatments. It’s a gold rush. Someone is making a killing. TMS will eventually come down in price and it could very well be that PEMF, since it’s magnetic based, provides similar results.


Personal trainer Max Outt is talking about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PMF and why should people know about this.

PEMF is a magnetic field that is admitted from the planet Earth. Now your body has to be in balance with, I’m by no means an expert on this, I’ve just been exposed to it and I’m starting to have an understanding of it and I’m starting to use these therapies. These therapies have been proven. There’s a lot of information on the internet about this. I suggest that the viewers do a little research on their own. This is just starting the conversation opening up the topic, wanting to expose people to something that can help affect their cells in a very positive way. It can remove or neutralize negative microbes from your body. It can remove and neutralize heavy metals in your body and toxins and it can help to reduce and remove this from your system and let your cells regenerate themselves, become healthier, letting the body do what it’s there naturally to do, keeping you healthy and keeping your immune system very strong, being able to fight off disease, being able to fight off infection and keeping you in the right state of mind, to be a positive influence in the world and to live a better and happier life.

I was looking this up before to see if it was something Joe Rogan talked about because it sounds like it’s right up his alley but he doesn’t seem to have mentioned it. Maybe he has but I don’t see any clips in a Google search or Youtube search of Rogan and PEMF. It leads me to believe that he might have covered it to some degree but he should have a whole episode on it. If there’s a way to stimulate people’s interest, you’re not about promoting it for yourself,you’re about just getting the word out so maybe others can pick up the slack and promote it more.

Well, you know what I’m about is being exposed tothings that are positive influences in the world and just getting it out there getting people to open up their minds and understand that there are other ways than going down to see your local doctor and getting a pill from the pharmacy. We’re seeing what that’s caused. It’s starting to really affect people’s immune systems with the overprescription of medication. It’s taking people’s lives. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants to see that result happen. There are other ways, healthier ways to take care of yourself and look after yourself take care of your body, take care of the vessel that you use to get around in so that you can have quality of life.

I’m just reading a little bit off the Wikipedia site for PEMF and they’re talking about how this is used for the treatment of fractures, for non-union fractures, where the bones wouldn’t heal correctly and they use the same exact therapy to have the bones reconnect and fuse instead of being in this non-growing position after there’s a break that just never heals.

It vibrates and stimulates the cells and it can penetrate the body completely so it stimulates the growth. It’s stimulating that growth in a positive way and it can do that for all aspects of your body. It reconnects you to planet Earth to Mother Earth and puts you in a state of mind, puts your body in a state of positive growth and it can affect pain.

A lot of people seem to be suffering, for whatever reasons, from depression these days and it’s even being used for that.

That’s definitely one of the highlights. It’s being used to stimulate the mind in a positive way, giving people the opportunity to let go of things that have affected them negatively either through growing up or having stuff passed on to them by their mothers that,end up in their body in a certain way, you know, people become alcoholics because their family are alcoholics. This can really help you overcome a lot of things and help you see the future in a whole different way.

One of these units, if someone were to buy it, is maybe five thousand, seven thousand, but people could also do this through, I believe their insurance?

I don’t know if insurance would cover this but if a chiropractor or somebody that’s a natural path healer has this device in their possession, you can go through a process with them. It’s probably gonna be a little on the expensive side but let me tell you what it, it’s so well worth it. You’re gonna see such benefits. You’re gonna see your body transform, your mind transform. You’re gonna have energy that you never had before that you’re not gonna get with a Red Bull.

So, this is PRMF, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy and we got the message out there. Is there anything else you want to add?

Please do some research on your own. Please seek out this information on your own. Legitimize it for yourself. We’re just starting the conversation. Go find out on your own what this is all about. It’s very, very important for you and everybody you know.

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  1. I see nothing but rave reviews of TMS but it is way too expensive, like $10,000 US right now. I’m still looking into PEMF. Maybe the prices will drop down for both.

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