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Is Marketa Belonoha a fitness model or does your definition of fitness model only include plastic, breast implanted women who diet down until their hair becomes brittle, their foreheads reveal veins, they appear to lose all collagen in their bodies and faces, and their skin becomes as thin as a 90 year old woman’s?

In order to make money off of female bodybuilding they had to have competitions like they did with the men. The problem was that they applied the same judging standards. Women usually had to wait until they were elderly to experience thinning hair and paper-thin skin. They at least had to wait until menopause for subtler changes. Female bodybuilding allowed them to diet away their youth and take males hormones to lose their femininity. After years on it’s deathbed, female bodybuilding, for the most part, died. That is, until they gave it a new name, women’s physique, or whatever. The problem is that judges still don’t understand aesthetics. Fat-bad and muscle-good is what they understand. Prepare to re-experience female competitors gradually getting leaner and leaner, bigger and bigger, and another name change.

Since when are paper thin faces and veiny foreheads things normal women compete to achieve:

womens physique
women’s physique
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