Jason Blaha vs Joe Weider

Jason Blaha vs Joe Weider
Jason Blaha vs Joe Weider

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Hey, everybody. Its Jason Blaha here and a subscriber asked where the term snake-oil came from. The first thing that popped in my head was Joe Weider. Let’s talk about that a little bit during today’s coffee chat.

Now, the original snake oil salesman was the first big hustle about a hundred years ago, a little earlier, swept all the United States, particularly with the midwest towns. It was mineral oil that had a few herbs mixed in and was sold as a cure-all that if you drink it , rub it on wounds ….it with cure things. It was marketed in publications and everything thing, they did shows almost like little things that go through towns, people
would fake medical conditions, drink it and be magically cured just like faith healers still do to some extent in some countries today and in certain areas. But, they would use this snake oil and the people would just be miraculously cured of these things and they would get a lot stronger.
They’d do feats of strength and dangerous athletics and acrobatics. So, this substance which tell they tell you would able to give you great
athletic performance and everything and it was just literally a little bit of herbs and other stuff which did virtually nothing but it was sold and marketed to hundreds if not thousands of people bought these scams.

Well, it seemed to me when you look at, it the snake-oil salesmen we had come into the modern age once we saw the vitamin industry picking up it pulling it , convincing people that soil is so depleted people divided into things. Joe Weider came along and in the tradition of all oil salesmen which is what we can call anybody. is kind of a catch-all term for anyone selling useless or worthless over-hyped products that they know to be fraudulent. He came along andstarted popping out all these pills and powders and help people gain muscle when the truth is they didn’t work. They’re not gonna help you gain any more muscle than just eating food would in some cases by give you some extra gastrointestinal distress or in some cases these things could have been laced with mild amounts of drugs which would be basically you just taking an anabolic and there have been
many cases that happening in the supplement industry and Joe Weider pretty much started this whole idea that all these pills and
powders to help you gain muscle, get jacked, get ripped, get massive, get strong…that actually don’t and as a result of his efforts and help creating thisindustry you now have what you see in front of you now.

The modern snake oil industry, now known as the supplement industry, is the same idea the same tactics. People say they got their results of this product or were cured of something they never really had wrong, just being a hard gainer, which again just means under eating. So
all these people are just miraculously affected by these substances that’s all fake, it’s all drugs, all Photoshop and yet they’re propped up and display to sell these fraudulent products the same way that the old snake-oil salesmen did back in the day it’s the exact same at all over again and it’s created a four billion dollar a year industry. So, my friends snake-oil salesmen are alive and well and the modern snake oil comes in a big tub of protein, colostrum, or branched-chain amino acids.

Alright you guys, that’s really all I have to say today. I hope it’s been informative and I will talk to you guys next time.


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  1. If it weren’t for bodybuilding supplement companies you wouldn’t have bodybuilding magazines, most bodybuilding websites, pro bodybuilders, major contests, expos, most bodybuilding articles, photos, fitness models, etc… Something has to pay for all this – in other words the fitness industry is morally corrupt

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