Mo Langi Foot Race

Mo Langi
Mo Langi

Motekiai “Mo” Langi is a 6’7″ 410 lb Tongan recruited to play football for Brigham Young University.

Former BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall discussing 6’7″ 410 lbs Elder Motekiai Taukolo Langi from Liahona, Tonga.

“Two years ago, as we thought about the church’s worldwide following, we sent coaches to Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand, Fiji, and we are going to Ghana, too. We came back with 3 to 5 players who might be, but they don’t know the rules, might be able to be football players. [Langi is] 6’7″ and a lean 410 pounds. I’ve known him for 15 minutes. He came from Tonga into my office the day before he entered the MTC. Good luck finding a suit to fit that guy.

So, Coach Kaufusi had seen him, two years prior. How do you evaluate 6’7″ 410 pounds to assess if he can move or not? [Kaufusi’s] evaluation of him is based on a pick up game of basketball. He could move well and was light on his feet. He’s got to be something. 6’7″ 410 pounds, light on his feet. At nose tackle he’s got to be a 3-gap guy. Maybe just on the snap he lays down sideways and people have to try to find a way around him. Maybe an offensive guard, he’s just big. He’s got to be something. So, I took a chance. I understand he is a fantastic person and one of the best students in his class. He doesn’t know the rules. There is no film of him (for football). You won’t find it. I’ve know him for 15 minutes and we’ve only seen him play pickup basketball in Tonga. What do I have to lose? What if it works?! He’s got to be something.”

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