Now it’s Schwarzenegger Versus Bike Thief

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If heavily body-guarded Arnold Schwarzenegger is subject to this much violence and thievery, what chance do the rest of us have? First, he was drop kicked in South Africa and now a masked punk tries to snatch his $5500 bike in front of Gold’s Gym. Do these crimes have anything in common? Are there any connections we can make between them to alert Arnold of more possible criminal activity in his future?

Not pressing charges against either crime may virtue signal to the world that Schwarzenegger is the most progressive guy on earth but what happens when the assaulter or the thief turns around and victimizes a Black, Hispanic, Asian, Woman, Jew, or LGBT…? Is Arnold setting the stage for protected classes to be victimized?

Arnold’s problems might all just be a result of an unlucky T-Shirt. Look closely at the shirt in the video below and also the link below to the South African smackdown. It’s the same American Eagle shirt. If only Arnold had worn a Jurassic Gorilla shirt. Oh, well.

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  1. Arnold is making a big mistake by not pressing charges. These criminals just continue on with no accountability for their behavior.

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