Lean Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980

Built Report Arnold Schwarzenegger Australia 1980
Arnold Schwarzenegger looking his most svelte at the 1980 Mr. Olympia

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arnold schwarzenegger 1980
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1980

The photo at left was taken of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sydney, Australia at the time of the 1980 Mr. Olympia. He looked “leaner” that year as opposed to his pre-comeback Mr. Olympia years. Also, the above photo in particular makes him look like he has more of an athletic physique than a mass monster build. However, if you look at the photo below at the time of the same contest, Arnold looks as big as he ever did. In the above photo it could have been cold and Arnold would have had the “opposite” of a pump. In the indoor black and white photo taken at the action content he could been pumping up. It would have been interesting to see what Arnold Schwarzenegger would have looked like if he had given the contest more preparation. He was only 33 years old in 1980. Ronnie Coleman was 34 when he won his first Mr. Olympia and went on to win the title 7 more times.

arnold schwarzenegger 1980
Arnold Schwarzenegger 1980 Mr. Olympia Contest
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