Big Rami, Mike Tyson, and Juluis Bjornsson in “Hamlet Pheroun” Movie Trailer


We know Juluis Bjornsson, Mike Tyson, and Rami are in this but it’s unclear whether or not Jean Claude Van Damme is actually in this in any capacity. It’s not listed on JCVD’s IMDB page and the movie is just becoming publicized in the US. From Nilefm:

Belgian Actor Jean Claude Van Damme is coming to Egypt on April 10th to get ready for his role in the movie “Pharaoh’s Campaign,” aka “Hamlet Far’on” aka Pharaoh’s War.

Van Damme has signed a contract with El Sobki Productions to appear in Amr Saad’s “Pharaoh’s Campaign,” which also will have an appearance of former American Boxer Mike Tyson as the villain “Frank.”

The movie revolves around a man “Pharaoh” whose wife is kidnapped in Syria by a human trafficker, Frank, as the war breaks out, he joins forces with his friends to try and find them and save them from being Frank’s latest victim.  

Hamlet Pheroun ” Movie Trailer

Hamlet Pheroun Synopsis

“Hamlet Pheroun” unfolds as a gripping and dramatic tale set in the harsh and unforgiving terrain of the desert. At its core, the story revolves around Rick, an enigmatic ex-serviceman with a shadowy past that holds secrets and experiences known to few. His character epitomizes resilience, resourcefulness, and a willingness to confront his inner demons.

The narrative opens with Rick leading a disparate group of Egyptian refugees across the vast, arid expanse of the desert. These refugees, fleeing from their homeland, are in search of safety and sanctuary, their lives hanging in the balance. Rick takes it upon himself to protect this group from the clutches of malevolent mercenaries who relentlessly pursue them. As a man of few words and steadfast determination, Rick becomes a beacon of hope for the desperate souls under his care.

Amidst this treacherous journey, the story introduces a character of great significance: Rama, a woman of striking beauty who is thrust into the midst of the harrowing circumstances. Her presence adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, not only in terms of the relationships that develop but also in the alliances that must be formed to survive.

However, the narrative takes a chilling twist when Rick, Rama, and a group of children, the most vulnerable among the refugees, fall prey to a ruthless kidnapping orchestrated by the evil mercenaries. This unexpected turn of events sends shockwaves through the story, further deepening the suspense and tension that permeate the desert landscape.

As the group grapples with their newfound captivity, Rick’s enigmatic past takes center stage. His knowledge, skills, and unyielding determination become the keys to their survival in the face of adversity. The stark contrast between the barren desert and the relentless pursuit of danger adds a layer of symbolism to the narrative, where the harsh environment serves as a metaphor for the unforgiving world that these characters must navigate.

“Hamlet Pheroun” is a story of survival, sacrifice, and the enduring human spirit. It delves into the complexities of trust, loyalty, and the human capacity to find strength in the most dire of circumstances. Rick’s journey from a mysterious ex-serviceman to an unlikely leader in the face of perilous challenges, alongside Rama and the children, underscores the transformative power of adversity.

As the group battles against all odds to break free from the clutches of their merciless captors, the story explores themes of courage, redemption, and the enduring quest for freedom. “Hamlet Pheroun” takes viewers on a thrilling and emotional journey across the unforgiving sands of the desert, where the indomitable spirit of humanity shines amidst the harshest of trials.

Making of ” Hamlet Pheroun ” Movie
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