Big Rami, Mike Tyson, and Juluis Bjornsson in “Hamlet Pheroun” Movie Trailer


We know Juluis Bjornsson, Mike Tyson, and Rami are in this but it’s unclear whether or not Jean Claude Van Damme is actually in this in any capacity. It’s not listed on JCVD’s IMDB page and the movie is just becoming publicized in the US. From Nilefm:

Belgian Actor Jean Claude Van Damme is coming to Egypt on April 10th to get ready for his role in the movie โ€œPharaohโ€™s Campaign,โ€ aka “Hamlet Far’on”.

Van Damme has signed a contract with El Sobki Productions to appear in Amr Saad’s โ€œPharaohโ€™s Campaign,โ€ which also will have an appearance of former American Boxer Mike Tyson as the villain โ€œFrank.โ€

The movie revolves around a man โ€œPharaohโ€ whose wife is kidnapped in Syria by a human trafficker, Frank, as the war breaks out, he joins forces with his friends to try and find them and save them from being Frankโ€™s latest victim.  

Hamlet Pheroun ” Movie Trailer
Making of ” Hamlet Pheroun ” Movie
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