Bob Paris vs Rory Leidelmeyer

Paris Leidelmeyer

Paris vs Leidelmeyer, Front Relaxed Pose. Though both aesthetic, Leidelmeyer has more of a Arnold-like, slope-shouldered look. Like Frank Zane and Steve Reeves, Paris has a wider, straighter shoulder structure, a wider appearing chest, and a more horizontal lower pec border. Leidelmeyer has rounder, more bulbous pecs, and lower trunks make his torso appear longer. Paris has an even narrower waist. Paris’s forearm-upperarm ratio is more proportionate. Leidelmeyer’s upper arms overpower his forearms. Paris has longer, more tear-dropped shaped vastus medialus, more vastus lateralis outer bow, and more complete calf development, down to the ankle. Overall, Leidelmeyer appears bigger, and a little taller, but Paris has more flow to his skeletal and muscular structure.

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