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Publisher Robert Kennedy on Serge Nubret, from Hardcore Bodybuilding, published in 1983: Serge Nubret has a unique way of training. At one time he trained very heavily and could curl over 240 pounds and bench press 500. Today he exercises using a singular, seldom-practiced principle. Nubret introduces progression into his training, not by constantly pushing the poundages higher and higher, but by pushing his rep count up. Actually it is a double progression since he also tries to “race the clock”.

For example, if it took 45 minutes to do 30 sets of an exercise one day, the next day Nubret will try to squeeze out 31 or 32 sets in the same length of time. He often wills himself to beat his rep record of the prior set. Using the seated dumb-bell curl, Serge may start off by doing a set of 10 reps with a 45 pound dumb-bell, and in his second set will do 11 reps, his third set 12 reps and so on, all with the same weight. The secret of Nubret’s method lies in his ability to “feel” an exercise by pure concentration on the movement he is doing at the time.

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