Superhero Proportions: Bodybuilder Steve Davis

Lee Haney

Man’s World Issue 1

Check it out for free: Globo Uomo is Italian for Man’s World. Globo means “world”, not to be confused with “Globalism”. Uomo means “Man” in Italian. The publishers are no strangers to bodybuilding given […]

Bodybuilder Steve Davis and Jim Starlin artwork.
Bodybuilder Steve Davis and Jim Starlin artwork.

Steve Davis is one of the handful of bodybuilders that actually has a good bone and muscle structure. A lot of bodybuilders have very flawed bone and/or muscle structures but have an incredible amount of muscle mass acquired through “supplements”. Steve Davis actually looked like a superhero that comic artist Jim Starlin would draw.


Do you have:

Wide Shoulders?
Relatively Narrow Waist?
Relatively Narrow hips?
Relatively Small Joints?
Relatively Long Legs? Like practically every superhero ever drawn.
Good calves?

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