Rare Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos: Part 4

Rare Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos

Bill Dobbins on Arnold

Joe Weider and Arnold had a mutual respect with a certain degree of conflict. That is, Arnold was the only bodybuilder who really knew how to handle Joe Weider. Joe would send Arnold a bill for some ads that he had in the magazine, and then Arnold would send him back an invoice for the use of Arnold’s pictures in Weider ads—and they would both ignore them. I think they both realistically understood the degree to which they were mutually dependent.

Jerry Brainum on Arnold

Arnold was an introverted guy, but somehow he picked up the idea of projecting the way he wanted to be. He turned himself into this super extrovert where he was able to joke and come off with a big personality, make fun of himself. People loved this guy because they saw this giant muscle guy who had a sense of humor and was self-deprecating. The strange thing was, he became what he was trying to be. He became that extroverted, super-confident person. But he wasn’t for like those first four, five years. It was an act, but nobody caught on.

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