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The photo in the video accompanying this article offers a fascinating glimpse into the vibrant bodybuilding scene at Muscle Beach, Santa Monica, during the summer of 1963. Among the notable figures captured in the image are John Tristram, Dave Draper, Hugo Labra, Mike Bondura, and Don Peters.

John Tristram, crowned the 1962 Mr. Venice Beach winner, graced the sands of Muscle Beach with his impressive physique. A UCLA French teacher by profession, Tristram sadly passed away in his Los Angeles home in 1985, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in bodybuilding.

Dave Draper, who clinched the title of 1962 Mr. New Jersey, had recently arrived at LAX from the East Coast. Welcoming him at the airport was none other than George Eiferman, a renowned figure in the bodybuilding community, with whom Draper would later collaborate at Weider’s Santa Monica location.

Hugo Labra, securing third place in the 1962 AAU Mr. America competition, stood alongside Draper and Eiferman at Vic Tanny’s 4th and Broadway gym. Labra’s presence underscored the camaraderie and mutual respect among bodybuilding peers during that era.

Also present in the photo is Mike Bondura, a former navy member and member of the Muscle Beach Weightlifting Club. Bondura’s dedication to training extended beyond the beach, as he also frequented Vic Tanny’s gym to hone his physique and strength.

Completing the ensemble is Don Peters, whose home gym in close proximity to Vince’s gym served as a supplemental training space. Peters’s gym attracted esteemed bodybuilders like Chuck Sipes and Arnold Schwarzenegger, highlighting its significance in the bodybuilding community.

This snapshot from the summer of 1963 immortalizes a pivotal moment in Muscle Beach’s storied history, showcasing the camaraderie, dedication, and passion that defined the golden era of bodybuilding.

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