Joe Weider Giant 12 Foot Tall Statue


In a captivating exploration of bodybuilding history, the accompanying video sheds light on two mysterious sculptures that have left enthusiasts intrigued for decades.

The first sculpture takes center stage—an imposing giant head of Eddie Silvestre, the 1959 IFBB Mr. Universe. Crafted by a talented sculptor, this enigmatic artwork captures the essence of Silvestre’s legendary physique. Despite its significance, the whereabouts of this colossal head remain shrouded in mystery, leaving many to wonder about its current location and the story behind its creation.

Accompanying the intrigue of the Silvestre sculpture are rare photos showcasing an unused, gigantic full-body statue of none other than Joe Weider himself. Commissioned by Weider at the age of 68, this over 12-foot-tall monument stands as a testament to his enduring legacy in the world of bodybuilding.

According to Weider, the original plan for the statue was to feature a bronze Indian on horseback in the atrium of Weider Enterprises offices. However, Weider had a change of heart, opting instead for a representation of himself, stating, “When you have a figure of myself there, you know what the business is all about.”

As viewers delve into the mysteries surrounding these monumental sculptures, they are left pondering the significance behind their creation and the stories they hold. From the towering likeness of Joe Weider to the giant head of Eddie Silvestre, these sculptures serve as reminders of the enduring legacy of bodybuilding’s pioneers and the artistic vision that continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

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