1969 NABBA Mr. Universe

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Video Notes and Comments:

  • This was Jim Haislop‘s last contest.
  • Haislop lost to Coe for the overall amateur and was allegedly so disappointed he stopped competing.
  • Took place 19th and 20th of September 1969.
  • Prejudging was done on the 19th at the Royal Hotel
  • Main event was staged at the Victoria Palace
  • The place was packed with about 2000 enthusiasts from all over Britain and the continent.
  • A “professional” is one who earns the major part of his living in physical culture and doesn’t have any other job. No cash prizes, however.
  • Once a bodybuilder competes professionally he cannot return to the amateur ranks.
  • Close to 70 competitors vied for the amateur and professional titles.
  • 14 judges, most from England but also from France, Belgium, Italy, West Indies, and United Arab Republic.
  • Amateur: Franco Columbu won most muscular
  • Amateur: Roy Callender won most improved
  • Amateur: Boyer Coe won best poser
  • Pro Class: 2 divisions, Short and Tall. Up to 5’8″ and over 5’8″.
  • Amateur Class: Class #1 over 5 ft. 9 in.
  • Amateur Class: Class #2 Over 5 ft. 6 in. and up to 5 ft. 9 in.
  • Amateur Class: Class #3 up to 5 ft, 6 in
  • Arnold’s Pro Universe win was one week after losing to Sergio Oliva at the 1969 Mr. Olympia contest.
  • Pro class: Arnold Schwarzenegger won best poser.
  • Adolf Ziegner (Austria) shown in the photo below with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Karl Kainrath (Austria) at the 1969 Mr Europe was 215 pounds at 5’6″.
  • Austrians Adolf Ziegner and Karl Kainrath both competed in the amateur division at the NABBA 1969 Mt. Universe
1969 Mr. Europe: Austrians Adolf Zeigner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Karl Kainrath,
Austrian Karl Kainrath(center) had some physical similarities to Arnold Schwarzenegger, particularly in the legs, waist and height. His extremely long quads and their overall shape was very similar to Schwarzenegger’s. Probably more so than any other bodybuilder ever.

1969 NABBA Amateur Mr. Universe

Overall Winner Boyer Coe

1 Jim Haislop (United States)
2 Frank Richard (England)
3 Karl Kainrath (Austria)
4 Walter O’Malley (Ireland)
5 Helmut Riedmeier (Germany)
6 Norman Rough (Sc)

1 Boyer Coe (United States)
2 Roy Callendar (Barbados)
3 Albert Beckles (Barbados)
4 Lars Lunde (Norway)
5 Elias Petsas (South Africa)
6 Khaled Baynakalar (Lebanon)

1 Franco Columbu (Italy)
2 Adolf Ziegner (Austria)
3 Mohamed Hamdy (Egypt)
4 Michael Baker (1) (England)
5 Kamal Bozan (Syria)
6 Michael Piliotis (England)

Most Muscular
1 Franco Columbu

1969 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe

Overall Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austria)
2 Dennis Tinerino (United States)
3 Serge Nubret (France)
4 John Bubb (England)

1 John Citrone (England)
2 Kassem Yazbek (Syria)
3 Luigi Lodi (Italy)
4 Yves Permal (Guadeloupe)
5 Friedrich Weimer (Germany)

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