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What would it realistically take for Kevin Levrone to beat Phil Heath? Would Kevin Levrone have to equal his previous condition or surpass it to be competitive?

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There’s going to be two versions of these comparitive photos between Phil Heath and Kevin Levrone. The only difference between the two will be photo enhancements of Kevin Levrone as far as what he needs development-wise to be competitive against Phil Heath.
This is the before picture. What is the most obvious thing Levrone needs to improve on? I would say calves and this isn’t to get back to Kevin Levrone’s prior condition. This is to compete against Phil Heath. Kevin Levrone’s calves aren’t even remotely close to Phil Heath’s. I don’t know if part of that is something he injected, possibly, to his calves that “dissolved” part of the muscle tissue or part of the muscle tissue on at least one calf has been diminished as the result of an injury, but there are substancial improvements Levrone would have to do to his calves to be on par with Phil Heath.

Second is thighs. Just on the level of sharpening alone, Kevin Levrone’s thighs are kind of a blur in this photo. Phil Heath has a lot more sharpness, plus a lot more three-dimensionality, not to mention size.

Waist size and hip size Kevin Levrone clearly has a wider waist, little bit wider hips, he’d have to bring his abdominals a little more forward, a little more three-dimensional. To compensate for the waist he would need to have significantly larger lats, chest, the same thing. He tore his right pectoral at some point. It’s actually a very good job surgeon-wise. There still is a little disparity between the two pecs but his chest would have to a lot wider, fuller, and thicker. Just look at Heath. Biceps bigger, forearms bigger. Just look at Phil Heath forearm-wise. There’s a huge difference.

As far as the photo that shows enhancements, bigger calves obviously. Even in the enhancements, Levrone’s calves have been made lower set More realistically, the improvements would have to be based on his actual muscle-insertions in his calves, and his whole body. His thighs follow the same recommendations that were in the before picture. The waist, didn’t change. The lats, considerable altered to enhance. That’s probably where more size was added than in any other area. That would make a huge difference on Levrone but he’d still have to have everything else that was added. Chest would have to be more even more three-dimensional than the after version, casting shadow on the outer and lower parts of the chest. The arms and even neck has been given more size. But there are elements of what Levrone used to look like 10 or more years ago that have not been incorporated into this retouching. Of course, there’s just the opposite too, elements have been added that go beyond what Levrone had accomplished at his best.

People criticize Phil Heath, and rightly so on some levels but there’s no perfect scenario. At least not now, maybe when Schwarzenegger was competing, he had a lot going for him. Heath has negative effects from whatever causes his waist to sometimes stick out but he is the best as far as who’s willing to compete with all the drugs someone would need to be competitive. That alone is a barrier. Most people wouldn’t want to take that much stuff to get the $100,000 or whatever. It wouldn’t be worth it.
I think in the after photo of Levrone that would be a competitive level. Maybe a little more sharpness, like I said, I didn’t put in enough shadows to indicate three-dimensionality in the chest, abs, and thighs/quads, and lower calves to create more of a pop-out look but that basic size and shape is what Levrone would need to definitively defeat Phil Heath, and that’s substantial, but that’s not taking away from Kevin Levrone being over 50 years old and showing up on stage in the condition that he did. It’s extremely remarkable.

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