Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates Interview

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Arnold Walks Off Interview
Arnold Walks Off Interview

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Arnold Schwarzenegger went on Australia’s Weekend Sunrise with host Angela Cox on Saturday to talk about the Arnold Classic Australia. Schwarzenegger just wants to promote his money making ventures and get the hell out of there without answering a bunch of personal questions. However, Angela Cox has her own agenda. She’s trying to make a name for herself, so she hits him up with questions about his marriage to Maria Shriver, and then heads into political territory. When she starts probing about Donald Trump, who Arnold is replacing on The Apprentice, he bolts, leaving Angela Cox all by her lonesome. Maybe this is just what she needed to make a name for herself because major new agencies, like Built Report, wouldn’t be covering the story otherwise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Angela Cox
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Angela Cox onΒ Weekend Sunrise
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