One year to MASSIVE Collagen Regeneration Breakthrough?

Dr. Peter Wehling Collagen
Dr. Peter Wehling Collagen

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On Joe Rogan’s podcast, RoganĀ has brought up,Ā multiple times, a collagen breakthrough that willĀ make olderĀ people’s skinĀ regain it’s look, collagen-wise. It would do nothing for sun damage, liver spots, etc…, just tighten up skin on older people’sĀ faces, elbows, knees, hands, etc…, which is still major, if true.

Click here to watch a show that he was discussing the collagen breakthrough on. Rogan discusses it briefly starting at the 1:54 mark.

Here’s a transcript of the pertinent parts:

Dana White told me that the guy who invented Regonikine, Peter Wehling, in DĆ¼sseldorf Germany, he’s the one that Kobe Bryant and all those guys are flying out to Germany to get this Regonikine procedure, amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

He’s figured out a way to regenerate collagen with an injection. Your body starts regenerating it’s own collagen like a 20 years old. He’s saying wrinkles will just go away, your skin will just tighten up, you are going to look like a much younger person. This is all within the next year. They’re on the brink of doing this. They’re that close. They’re setting up the infrastructure and they’re getting ready to roll, and when they do it’s going to be fucking bonkers…

-Joe Rogan

Regarding Regonikine, aka Orthokine, which is not the Collagen breakthrough but is the treatment that Kobe Bryant had done to his knees:

Orthokine is an experimental medical procedure in which a patient’s own blood is extracted, manipulated, and then reintroduced to the body as an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce chronic pain and osteoarthritis. Known in the United States as Regenokine, the process removes about 2 US fluid ounces (59 ml) of blood from a patient’s arm, which is then incubated at a slightly raised temperature. The liquid is then placed in a centrifuge until its constituent parts are separated. The middle yellowish layer is dense with agents that are believed to stop an arthritic agent known as interleukin-1, which causes degeneration of the joints and the breakdown of cartilage. That serum is injected into the patient’s affected area. The procedure reduces pain and discomfort in the joint. The treatment generally lasts five days, with six shots of the serum into the affected area. It is normal for a patient to receive annual injections to ease the joint discomfort.


Here is a video of Dr. Peter Wehling discussing Orthokine treatment. Joe Rogan, numerous professional athletes, UFC President Dana White, and even former Pope John Paul II have received the treatment.

Here is the actual interview, audio only, where Dana White, in his own words, discusses the collagen breakthrough, which he says is less than a year away. As you’ll hear when you listen to the Dana White interview, the procedure will be an injection that allows your body to produce it’s own collagen, not to be confused with collagen injections. White believes it will be a trillion dollar industry and suggests that women hold off on all the current procedures until this comes out. I agree with White that women will be flocking to get this treatment if it turns out to be as promising as suggested. However, I’d imagine that older men who are attracted to younger women will want the treatment as well. Who knows, maybe older women will start looking like younger women. Future technology will allow people to look and feel youthful at advanced ages and this may be the official start of the revolution.

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