Cloning Giant Won’t Make Frankensteins–For Now

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Dr. Xu Xiaochun is the CEO of Boyalife Group, a 30 million dollar facility in Tianjin, China, which will become operational in 2016 to primarily produce cattle embryos for prime quality beef but will also produce racehorses and drug sniffing dogs. Boyalife will be the biggest animal cloning factory in the world. For the time being they have vowed not to do human cloning. Dr. Xu says people aren’t ready for human cloning but maybe in 100 to 200 years they will be.

It seems like human cloning will be an inevitability and its more a matter of when than if. Dr. Xu discusses some of Boyalife’s considerations.

“The technology we have is very advanced. Any technology from it’s infancy, from it’s early days to going to large scale applications, has to go from immature to mature. Bio technology can drastically improve the efficiency of lifestyle in the future that’s going to benefit the society. So, anything that benefits the society will get support no matter where it is, in China or the US.

Technology can do lots of things. It can do benefits and if left uncontrolled can also do damage. Let me make it clear that Boyalife does not do human cloning because we believe that every technology has to have a boundary. We have to take the best use of technology and make it a benefit to the society and that’s the number one key.

China has moved from “made in China” to “invented in China”. They don’t want to project an image that this is a country that only makes toys, cheap shoes, and cheap clothing. That’s not what China is about.

People are always asking if the technology exists to replicate humans. I think, from the technology perspective, it existed because its a nuclear transfer but will we take advantage of this? No. We don’t really want the entire society to become one billion Isaac Newtons.”

-Dr. Xu Xiaochun

Dr. Xu seems to say that it would be a negative thing if everyone were as smart as Isaac Newton. Its an inevitability that this technology will become more widespread and much more advanced. People are going to want to be bigger, smarter, taller, better looking, better built, etc… and this technology will eventually be able to accomplish all of that. Who’s going to want to be left behind?

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