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Lou Ferrigno in The Hermit

Lou Ferrigno, the iconic actor and former bodybuilder, is gearing up for an intriguing and unexpected role in the upcoming film “The Hermit,” directed by Salvatore Sclafani. This cinematic venture, set to commence production in August 2022 in Syracuse, New York, marks Ferrigno’s foray into the dark and chilling world of the murderous, cannibalistic pig farmer, a character that promises to be unlike any other in his extensive career.

In “The Hermit,” Ferrigno steps into the shoes of a loner whose eerie and gruesome trade involves the sale of jerky crafted from human flesh. This role presents a unique departure from his previous characters and has generated considerable curiosity about how deeply this portrayal may resonate with his personal experiences. Some have even ventured to ponder if there might be an autobiographical underpinning to his performance.

In response to the raised eyebrows and questioning glances, Lou Ferrigno sheds light on his longstanding fascination with the horror genre, emphasizing his surprise at not having ventured into this space sooner. He traces this fascination back to his childhood when classic monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein captured his imagination. It’s a sentiment that connects the dots to his legendary portrayal of the Hulk in the hit TV series “The Incredible Hulk,” a character that had its roots in the Incredible Hulk comic book, a childhood source of inspiration for the actor.

While the enigmatic role of a murderous, cannibalistic pig farmer may be a significant departure from his previous work, it’s not the first time that Ferrigno has delved into the realm of unconventional characters. The mention of his involvement in the 2021 film “Mummy Dearest” raises the question of whether it was yet another manifestation of his lifelong fascination with mummies, completing a circle that links his early interests to his later career choices.

As Lou Ferrigno embarks on this exciting new venture, “The Hermit” promises to be a unique addition to his already illustrious filmography. With its dark and macabre theme, the film is poised to showcase his versatility as an actor and introduce audiences to a side of him that has been years in the making.

If you can’t wait until some time after August 2022 for Lou Ferrigno’s pig movie, here is Lou’s complete Mummy Dearest movie.

Lou Ferrigno’s Mummy Dearest:

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