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Eddie Giuliani: A Legacy Etched in Iron and Wisdom

Ed “Eddie” Giuliani resonates as a testament to dedication, camaraderie, and a profound understanding of the iron game. Born on May 1, 1935, Giuliani’s journey through the realms of physique development spanned over seven decades, culminating on May 1, 2022, when the curtains fell on his remarkable life at the age of 87.

Originally hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Giuliani transplanted himself to the sun-soaked landscapes of California’s west coast, where he carved his niche in the golden era of bodybuilding. His enduring legacy encompasses a remarkable career that unfolded across multiple decades, with Giuliani’s inaugural contest in 1951 marking the inception of a storied journey that would continue until his final appearance on stage in 1982.

Ed Giuliani, a stalwart of the bodybuilding community, left an indelible mark with his participation in 25 competitions. His name became synonymous with the camaraderie pulsating through Gold’s Gym Venice and the iconic Muscle Beach Venice, where he not only sculpted his physique but also forged bonds with legendary figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Giuliani’s cinematic presence in the cult classic “Pumping Iron” immortalized him in the public eye. The sunbathing scene at Muscle Beach, where he engaged in a philosophical discourse with Arnold Schwarzenegger about “the wolf on the hill,” stands as a poignant reminder of Giuliani’s intellect, humor, and profound connection with his craft.

Throughout his illustrious career, Giuliani clinched victories in several prestigious competitions, earning him a revered spot in the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame in 2012. The induction, a ceremony graced by none other than Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino, underscored the profound impact Giuliani had on the bodybuilding world.

Standing at a formidable 5’6″, Giuliani often competed in the Short class, defying stature with a towering presence on the stage. His journey began at the age of 16 in the 1951 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Mr. New York Metropolitan, where he placed 8th, setting the stage for a career that would unfold over 35 contests.

The culmination of Giuliani’s competitive saga unfolded at the 1982 National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association (NABBA) Mr. Universe, where he gracefully took the stage for the last time, securing a commendable 5th place in his height division.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a close friend and training partner, paid a heartfelt tribute to Giuliani, underscoring his knowledge of training, infectious humor, and kindness. As Giuliani transitions from the earthly realm, his legacy remains etched not only in the annals of bodybuilding but also in the hearts of those who were privileged to share the journey with this revered figure. Eddie Giuliani’s impact reverberates in the iron-clad wisdom he imparted, ensuring that his spirit, camaraderie, and profound understanding of the sport endure, forever shaping the narrative of bodybuilding history.

Ed Giuliani-Arnold Schwarzenegger “Wolf on the Hill” Breakdown

Arnold Schwarzenegger/Ed Giuliani Pumping Iron Scene:

Ed Giuliani: See, the king of the hill can only go down.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: That’s right.

Ed Giuliani: The king of the hill can only go down.

Arnold: Or stay up.

Ed Corney: Or stay on that hill.

Ed Giuliani: Right.

Ed Corney: That’s the other possibility.

Ed Giuliani: The wolf on the hill, right… is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: That’s true, he’s not as hungry. But when he wants the food, it’s there.

This philosophical dialogue encapsulates a poignant reflection on the dynamics of success, power, and the constant pursuit of ascension. The metaphor of the “king of the hill” serves as a powerful allegory for those who have attained a position of dominance or influence. The proclamation that the king can only go down evokes the inevitability of fluctuating fortunes and the transient nature of supremacy.

The agreement that follows, “Or stay up. Or stay on that hill,” introduces a counterpoint, acknowledging the possibility of maintaining one’s elevated position. It hints at the rare circumstance where an individual, having reached the pinnacle, manages to defy the gravitational pull of descent, standing firm on the lofty terrain they have conquered.

However, the ensuing discussion pivots to the vivid imagery of the wolf on the hill, introducing a compelling analogy. The assertion that the wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill adds layers of nuance to the philosophical exploration. This metaphor delves into the inherent hunger or drive that propels individuals towards their goals. The wolf climbing the hill symbolizes the relentless pursuit of success, the unyielding hunger that propels individuals to ascend to new heights.

Yet, the wisdom embedded in the final statement, “But when he wants the food, it’s there,” introduces a comforting assurance. It suggests that the one who has attained a position of strength or influence can access the rewards or resources they seek when the need arises. This narrative underscores the notion that reaching the summit may grant a sense of security and availability of resources, aligning with the idea that those in power can wield influence when required.

In essence, this philosophy encapsulates the cyclical nature of ascent and descent, hunger and satiation, in the journey of life. It prompts contemplation on the ephemerality of success, the tenacity required for continual growth, and the strategic balance between the pursuit of new heights and the preservation of hard-won achievements.

Ed Giuliani Contest History


Mr New York Metropolitan – AAU, Junior, 8th


Mr New York Metropolitan – AAU, Junior, 2nd


Mr New York City – AAU, Short, 2nd
Mr New York Metropolitan – AAU, Winner


Mr New York City – AAU, Short, 6th


Mr Eastern America – AAU, Short, 2nd


Mr East Coast – IFBB, Short, 5th
Mr New York State – IFBB, 2nd
Mr Northeastern States – IFBB, Short, 2nd


Junior Mr America – IFBB, Short, 2nd
Mr Northeastern States – IFBB, Overall Winner
Mr Northeastern States – IFBB, Short, 1st


Mr America – IFBB, Short, 3rd
Mr East Coast – IFBB, Short, 2nd


Mr America – IFBB, Short, 3rd
Pro Mr America – WBBG, 6th
Junior Mr America – IFBB, Short, 3rd


Pro Mr America – WBBG, 5th
Junior Mr America – IFBB, Short, 1st
Mr Western America – IFBB, 3rd


Pro Mr America – WBBG, 5th


Mr America – IFBB, Short, 3rd
Mr Western America – IFBB, 4th


Mr America – IFBB, Short, 3rd
Mr International – IFBB, Short, 3rd


Mr America – IFBB, Short, 1st
Mr Western America – IFBB, Overall Winner
Mr Western America – IFBB, Short, 1st


Mr America – IFBB, Short, 2nd
Mr World – IFBB, Short, 1st


Mr America – IFBB, LightWeight, 2nd


Canada Pro Cup – IFBB, Did not place


Grand Prix California – IFBB, 10th


Grand Prix California – IFBB, Did not place


Mr Universe – NABBA, Short, 5th

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