Is Lou Ferrigno Finally Overtaking Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947 and, as this is being written, he is 68 years of age. Lou Ferrigno was born on November 9, 1951 and is currently 64. Lou has always lived in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shadow and nothing exemplifies that more than what I am currently seeing as I type this in html code with spell check on. I typed “Schwarzenegger” correctly and the spell check responds by doing nothing because it recognizes the word and knows that it’s spelled correctly. The word “Ferrigno”, on the other hand, is underlined in red because spell check doesn’t even recognize it as a word, so it assumes that it is spelled incorrectly. Check out the red underline under Ferrigno:

In the realm of bodybuilding and Hollywood, the stark dichotomy between Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger is undeniable, a dichotomy vividly captured in the iconic documentary “Pumping Iron.” For those seeking more evidence, one need only consider Schwarzenegger’s remarkable seven Mr. Olympia titles compared to Ferrigno’s tally of zero, a distinction that lingers as a testament to their respective legacies. This chasm extends into their professional trajectories, with Schwarzenegger commanding a staggering twenty-million-dollar salary per film, while Ferrigno’s earnings from autographs at comic book conventions amount to a modest $20. Schwarzenegger ascended to the role of Governor, presiding over the entirety of California, a position that eclipses Ferrigno’s tenure as a reserve deputy with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. Furthermore, Schwarzenegger’s fatherhood encompasses five children, countering Ferrigno’s three.

Nevertheless, a shift in the narrative has been subtly unfolding, with Ferrigno aging more gracefully than his erstwhile rival. In an intriguing paradox, Ferrigno’s present visage exudes a timeless coolness that arguably surpasses his youth. In contrast, Schwarzenegger has endured a perceptible transformation, deviating markedly from his earlier self.

The accompanying image of Ferrigno, captured in a handshake with Samuel L. Jackson, poignantly encapsulates this phenomenon. At 64 years of age, Ferrigno’s countenance and physique project a vitality akin to that of a man decades his junior. Astonishingly, he has maintained his stature, defying the inexorable passage of time. Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, exhibits a shift in height, reduced to an approximate 5’11”, and bears scant resemblance to his former self in the 1970s. The evolution of his appearance from his youthful prime to the present would have defied predictions.

The question of whether Lou Ferrigno will finally emerge from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s formidable shadow, or whether he already has by preserving his youthful vigor, remains a matter for time to adjudicate. The latent advantage that Schwarzenegger may retain rests on his financial capacity to avail himself of cutting-edge medical treatments. He possesses the means to explore emerging medical innovations, including the promising frontier of stem cell therapy, which could potentially level the playing field.

The paradox of their respective journeys is best encapsulated by Schwarzenegger’s 2015 reinterpretation of the iconic bar scene from “Terminator 2.” This cinematic endeavor is juxtaposed with the original scene from 1991, facilitating a side-by-side comparison that underscores the profound transformation Schwarzenegger has undergone. The narrative arc of these two titans of bodybuilding and film continues to unfold, leaving us in anticipation of their future chapters.

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  1. Arnold used to have strong cheekbones and a stronger chin. Those aren’t things you generally lose with age. If anything, your cheekbones stick out more when you’re in your 80s.

  2. Committing adultery and having to hide it from your wife on a continuous basis is not good for your aging. I believe, that was Schwarzenegger’s worst problem with his aging.

  3. Being a politician does strange things to your face. I think that’s Arnold’s problem. If he’d stayed out of politics, he probably wouldn’t have developed a permanent scowl.

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