Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Have Wide Hips?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was wider overall than Sergio but does having wider hips than Sergio Oliva mean that you have wide hips?


There was an article on a bodybuilding site called builtreport.com that’s called The Two Keys To Understanding Sergio Oliva and number one is that his head is smaller in proportion to the rest ofhis body and that gives the appearance of Oliva having what artists call “heroic proportions”. It makes his body look all the bigger because his head is smaller in proportion, plus his joints ares maller, so that would lead you to believe that if you put Sergio’s small head on other people’s bodies it would create the same illusion just like his smaller waist on another body would do the same thing.

Another key to understanding Sergio Oliva, as it says, is that he wasn’t actually 5’11” as listed. He was more like 5’8”, so by himself he’d looked great and even next to somebody he would look great, but he wouldn’t look as spectacular in context next to somebody that’s six feet tall or six foot two becausewith Sergio Oliva, when you see him by himself, you’d be of the impression, given that magazines cited his height as 5’11”, you would think this person that looks like they’re 5’11” because their head is small and they have taller proportions as a result of the small head, plus they’re listed in the magazines as being taller than they are, 5’11” versus 5’8”, or whatever, and then when you see them in person, or you see them in context standing next to someone that really is 5’11” or taller, they’re takenout of the promoted context and in this new context, they’re not as impressive as they’ve been promoted.

Somebody writes a comment about this article and they’re talking about Sergio being “better in the right places small in the right places, he had quality and quantity, mass with class, which is something Arnold lacked due to his wide hips”. Well, that’s true. Sergio was bigger in the right places smaller in the right places, like small joints, everything discussed already, but what stands out is “something Arnold lacked due to his wide hips”. Schwarzenegger admitted to having a wide waist structure or wider waist structure. I mean he wouldn’t really have a wide waist as humans go, a really wide waist but he didn’t have a Frank Zane waist, and he didn’t have a certainly didn’t have a Sergio Oliva waist, but “due to his wide hips”? I mean, look at some of these accompanying photos from Pumping Iron and comment if you think he had, Arnold Schwarzenegger had, wide hips. I’ve never heard that before and I wonder if his power of suggestion, Arnold saying that he had wide waist and then taking a step further to assume he had wide hips…. but the judge for yourself.

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