Arnold Schwarzenegger Back Double Biceps

Built Report Arnold Back Double Biceps

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This picture was taken around 1975 and was included in his book Arnold: Education of a Bodybuilder. Around the time of the publication of his first book, Arnold made the rounds to all the national talk shows. He appeared at book signings all around the United States in bookstores or wherever he could promote. He’d appear on local talk shows as well. Bodybuilders were a lot more of an oddity back then…or at least less was known about bodybuilding than it is today. There were a lot of myths like muscle “boundness” and weight training being counterproductive to sports. In spite of these obstacles, Schwarzenegger was able to put bodybuilding and weight training on the map and gyms started sprouting up everywhere. Arnold ushered in the fitness movement just in time for the 1980s, a very body conscious decade. Are you old enough to remember the aerobics craze and “Lets get Physical”?

arnold schwarzenegger back double biceps
Arnold Schwarzenegger back double biceps

Olivia Newton John sing’s “Let’s Get Physical”

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