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How Stem Cell Therapy Became the Lifeline for Mel Gibson’s Father


Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary medical innovation that has brought new hope to individuals grappling with life-threatening health conditions. This innovative approach has opened up the possibility of not only managing these conditions but, in some cases, reversing the seemingly irreversible effects of various ailments. In the heart of this article lies an extraordinary narrative that delves into the remarkable journey of how stem cell therapy emerged as the savior for a man on the brink of multi-organ failure – Mel Gibson’s 92-year-old father. The story is one of unwavering resilience, miraculous rejuvenation, and the powerful impact of stem cell therapy as the hero of this inspiring tale.

Stem cell therapy, with its potential to regenerate and heal damaged or failing tissues, has become a beacon of hope for individuals who have exhausted conventional medical treatments and are facing life-threatening health conditions. It represents a paradigm shift in the field of medicine, offering a glimmer of hope to those who had previously been told that their conditions were irreversible and their prognosis bleak.

The central character of this narrative is Mel Gibson’s father, a man who found himself teetering on the precipice of multi-organ failure at the remarkable age of 92. His health challenges were extensive, including a myriad of ailments that had cast a shadow over his life. These included severe mobility limitations, compromised kidney function, heart issues, cognitive decline, and deteriorating eyesight. The situation was dire, and conventional medicine had little to offer in terms of viable solutions.

In the face of this desperate and seemingly insurmountable situation, stem cell therapy emerged as the ray of hope. This innovative medical approach, which involves harnessing the regenerative power of stem cells, held the promise of not only halting the progression of his ailments but potentially reversing them.

What follows is a tale of remarkable resilience and rejuvenation, where Mel Gibson’s father embarked on a life-altering journey that would ultimately save his life. It is a story of determination, unwavering hope, and the powerful transformation brought about by stem cell therapy. Through this narrative, we witness the incredible healing potential of the human body when coupled with the regenerative capabilities of stem cells.

Stem cell therapy served as the undisputed hero of this extraordinary tale, offering a renewed lease on life to an individual who had been given limited time to live. The therapy played a pivotal role in reducing inflammation, improving the immune system, and restoring his mobility, kidney function, heart health, and cognitive abilities. It breathed new life into his eyesight and a myriad of other health issues that had once seemed insurmountable.

This narrative serves as a testament to the life-saving potential of stem cell therapy, illustrating how it can be a beacon of hope even in the most dire of circumstances. In the midst of doubts and uncertainties, Mel Gibson’s father’s journey exemplifies the remarkable impact that stem cell therapy can have on the lives of those who seek its transformative power.

While stem cell therapy is not widely accessible in the United States, the narrative introduces Panama as a beacon of hope. In this Central American country, the therapy is both legal and accessible, providing a lifeline for those in search of innovative medical treatments. Panama has emerged as a hub for stem cell therapy, where high-quality umbilical cord stem cells are employed in the treatment process, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

In conclusion, the story of how stem cell therapy saved Mel Gibson’s 92-year-old father is an inspiring testament to the potential of regenerative medicine. It is a story of resilience, rejuvenation, and the triumph of science over adversity. Stem cell therapy, with its remarkable ability to stimulate regeneration and healing, stands as the hero of this narrative, offering new hope to those who have exhausted conventional medical options. The journey underscores the life-transforming capabilities of stem cell therapy and the possibilities it holds for individuals facing life-threatening health conditions.

Chapter 1: A Precarious Health Dilemma

At the age of 92, Mel Gibson’s father found himself in the throes of a daunting health crisis. His body was in a state of multi-organ failure, and a myriad of complications, including limited mobility, kidney dysfunction, heart issues, cognitive decline, and deteriorating eyesight, had cast a shadow over his life. It was a dire situation, and conventional medical treatments appeared to offer little respite.

Chapter 2: The Lifeline: Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy

Amidst the darkness of despair, a ray of hope emerged in the form of stem cell therapy. This chapter unveils how Mel Gibson’s father was introduced to the concept of stem cell therapy, a revolutionary approach with the potential to reverse his seemingly irreversible health issues. It was a doctor friend who played a pivotal role in sowing the seeds of possibility, rekindling hope in the face of despair.

Chapter 3: The Informed Decision-Making Process

This chapter delves into the intricate process of Mel Gibson’s father making an informed and life-altering decision to undergo stem cell therapy. He embarked on an arduous journey of research, delving into relevant articles, engaging in discussions with medical experts, including his primary physician, and meticulously assessing the potential benefits. The decision-making process was a critical step in his path toward recovery.

Chapter 4: Panama: A Beacon of Hope

While stem cell therapy is not widely available in the United States, Panama emerged as a beacon of hope. This chapter unveils the legal and accessible nature of stem cell therapy in Panama, where high-quality umbilical cord stem cells are employed for treatment. The logistics of Mel Gibson’s father’s journey, including securing medical clearance to fly to Panama, are carefully examined.

Chapter 5: A Sojourn to the Mayo Clinic

Mel Gibson’s father’s quest for health rejuvenation led him to the prestigious Mayo Clinic. This chapter traces his journey, from the initial diagnosis to the exploration of adult stem cell therapy as a promising alternative treatment method. The esteemed medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic played an invaluable role in providing insights and options to guide his path toward renewal.

Chapter 6: The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy

The crux of the narrative unfolds in this chapter, where we delve into Mel Gibson’s father’s transformative experience with stem cell therapy. It all began with intravenous treatments utilizing umbilical cord cells meticulously grown and certified to be free of infectious diseases. The science underpinning stem cell therapy is explored, emphasizing its ability to modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, and stimulate regeneration.

Chapter 7: The Power of Regeneration

In this chapter, we unravel the remarkable regenerative capabilities of stem cell therapy. This pioneering treatment not only alleviates inflammation but also takes center stage in enhancing Mel Gibson’s father’s immune system. The therapy played a pivotal role in revitalizing his mobility, improving kidney function, nurturing heart health, and rekindling cognitive abilities.

Chapter 8: The Witnessed Transformation

The narrative is enriched by the testimonies of two nurses and former UFC champion Bas Rutten, who bore witness to the awe-inspiring transformation of Mel Gibson’s father following stem cell therapy. Their accounts provide a unique, first-hand perspective on the tangible impact of this groundbreaking treatment.

Chapter 9: A Heartwarming Conclusion

This chapter paints a vivid picture of Mel Gibson’s father’s remarkable recovery. Against all odds, his eyesight and various other health issues saw significant improvements, concluding the narrative with a heartwarming note of resilience and hope.


The tale of how stem cell therapy saved Mel Gibson’s 92-year-old father is a resounding testament to the potential of regenerative medicine. In this 1000-word article, we’ve unraveled a story of life-saving innovation, scientific discovery, and the indomitable spirit of one individual’s quest for health and renewal. The journey showcases the transformative power of stem cell therapy and the boundless possibilities it holds for those in need of a second chance at life. It is a tale of hope, resilience, and the triumph of science over adversity.


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About Neil Riordan

Neil Riordan, PA, PhD is one of the early pioneers and experts in applied stem cell research. Dr. Riordan founded publicly traded company Medistem Laboratories (later Medistem Inc.) which was acquired by Intrexon in 2013.

He is the founder and chairman of Medistem Panama, Inc., a leading stem cell laboratory and research facility located in the Technology Park of the prestigious City of Knowledge in Panama City, Panama. Medistem Panama (est. 2007) is at the forefront of research on the effects of adult stem cells on the course of several chronic diseases and conditions. The stem cell laboratory at Medistem Panama is fully licensed by the Ministry of Health of Panama.

Human umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hUCT-MSCs) that were isolated and grown at Medistem Panama to create master cell banks are currently being used in the United States. These cells serve as the starting material for cellular products used in MSC clinical trials for two Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy patients under US FDA’s designation of Investigational New Drug (IND) for single patient compassionate use. (IND 16026 DMD Single Patient) These trials are the first in the United States to use hUCT-MSCs. Translational Biosciences, a fully-owned subsidiary of Medistem Panama is currently conducting phase I/II clinical trials for multiple sclerosis, autism and rheumatoid arthritis.

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