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Born on November 9, 1935 in Los Angeles, California. Howorth was the only child of Don and Francis Howorth. He participated in gymnastics at Mark Keppel High School which led to him adding weights to his regimen. In 1956, he met the legendary Steve Reeves at American Health Studios. That inspired him to get the shoulder-to-waist ratio that was so popular in the 50’s. In 1958, while employed by Western Electric, he injured 2 spinal discs resulting in he could no longer train. It would take 6 months for him to become mobile and 5 years for him to fully recover. Howorth later joined in a Pasadena gym which was owned by Gene Mozee and then went to Vince Gironda’s gym where he packed on 60 pounds in 4yrs years and he was back in the bodybuilding scene. And since he was so close to L.A., he felt the “pull” of Hollywood and in 1968, he appeared in an episode of TV’s Wild Wild West, playing a muscular blacksmith. The following year, Howorth stopped training and and that was that. He was destined for greatness. Yet instead of cashing in on his fame and good looks, just as bodybuilding was becoming a national phenomenon, he walked away from it all, never to return. You won’t find any Don Howorth training courses or supplements that he endorsed or even a website promoting his former glory. Howorth got married in 1960, and has one daughter, Karen, born in 1964. He has three grandchildren. At 79yrs old he still trains 3 times a week.
– IMDb Mini Biography By: GattoNero

Howorth’s first bodybuilding win was the Mr. Fiesta in 1962.
In 1967, Howorth won the tall and overall titles in the Mr. America. (That same year, he won the IFBB Jr. Mr. America as well).
Howorth also won the AAU Mr. Los Angeles, Mr. California and Mr. West Coast before moving on to the more prestigious IFBB, entering the 1964 Mr. America and finishing 3rd in the tall class.
In 1966, Howorth took 2nd in the Mr. America tall class.

Don Howarth cameo on popular Wild, Wild West television series. Episode called The Night of the Amnesiac, 1968.

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