Plucking Hair a Baldness Cure?

Hair plucking for Baldness

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Last time we talked about laser treatments. We talked about a massage treatment because we were mentioning Jay Pharaoh had some kind of treatment. He says it was a laser that the made his hair grow back.

We went off on a tangent. There’s a scientist named… I don’t know where this was. It was in China or somewhere but they plucked hair out of mice in a very small area, only 200 hairs and they say that with that method the mice grew back up to six times as thick. After plucking the hairs it
triggers a distress signal in the body and it makes an over-compensate and grow more hair there that had previously been but this is plucking 200 individual hairs. They have to do a small area. they say if they do a too large an area it’s ineffective. If they do too small area it will grow back the hair, but just the hair you plucked. If you go a little bit too large it weakens the signals so it doesn’t get the hair production.

It seems like they’ve only tried it on mice. We’re gonna leave a link to the article and they haven’t tried it on people. I don’t know anybody would would spend time doing that if it’s only been done on mice. If there’s a benefit and it’s actually going to work, everyone would spend time doing that. I don’t know how you relate that to mice. They’re tiny and they say they only did a certain amount of area but mice are like what 20 times, or whatever, smaller than humans, so how would you relate that size-wise. It’ll take the rest of your life to make that happen[jokingly]. I think I would go for the massage or the laser treatment.

It’s another thing they can experiment and when they have to go to the level where they’re using humans instead of mice then you can try this at home and see if it works. Whether you’re losing hair not, I think the scalp massage is just something that feels good. It’s going to stimulate blood flow. You can watch our other video for that the hair massage info. It’s something that almost sounds a little painful, very vigorous and causing some sort of breaking up of calcified- It also it also might cause a distress signal that similar to the plucking because it’s something where you’re kind of pinching the scalp. The skin on your top your head is are very tight yeah and they’re talking vigorous, so it’s actually causing a little bit of distress. happening there but individually plus I guarantee anybody would much rather do the hair plucked thing over small areas rather than massage 20 minutes daily. When will these tests be done on human and who’s doing it? Watch our other episode to get the complete story.

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