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Above: Video analysis of Sergio Oliva’s biceps vs Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shows Schwarzenegger to have a game changing advantage, although Oliva’s overall arm size may have been greater.

Sergio Oliva Distinctions

During his career he won 20 first place bodybuilding titles.
The second bodybuilder to win the Mr. Olympia competition.
The last man to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in competition and the only bodybuilder to defeat him in a Mr. Olympia contest (1969).
2 Times Mr International, 2 Times Mr Galaxy, 2 times Professional World Cup, 2 Times Professional World Championships, 3 Times Mr. Olympus, 3 Times Mr. Olympia.
The smallest waist measurement of any Mr. Olympia champion in history at 28 inches, reputedly, and at a bodyweight of 235 lbs.
The only Mr. Olympia winner whose thighs measured larger than their waist measurement (32-inch thighs and 28-inch waist).
He maintained a 20 inch differential between his waist and chest measurements throughout his entire career; at his peak in 1972, his chest was 52 inches and his waist was only 29 inches.


Arnold Sergio


As far as Sergio Olivia vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the primary thing Sergio Olivia was missing was strictly biceps. If you were to switch biceps, and that’s not to be confused with arms, which include triceps, Sergio Olivia, provided he entered contests in sharp enough condition, would win every time. It’s hard to appreciate in this photo how much better Schwarzenegger’s biceps are because you look at the photo on the left of Sergio Olivia’s arms and what you’re used to noting the length of the insertions on Sergio’s arms as long/full, which are good, and also the height of the triceps where you can see the delineation between the lower part of the bicep at the top of the triceps.

The top of the triceps to the bottom of the triceps is taller on Sergio than it is on Schwarzenegger and if you were to switch, in this example, if you were to put Schwarzenegger biceps on to Sergio’s arms it looks ridiculous. It looks like the biceps were stretched out to make them taller but they weren’t and, of course, there’s no compensation on this for Schwarzenegger’s height. He’s a few inches taller than Sergio but look at the biceps on this that’s not Photoshop to make them any taller than they are and it just looks ridiculous. It looks like the most out of proportion biceps or arms in general on anybody in human history if you put Schwarzenegger’s biceps on to Sergio Olivia, those arms, and that’s because Schwarzenegger had more three-dimensionality to his biceps.

This photograph has equal lighting on both subjects because they’re in the same room and the delineation between the bicep and triceps on Schwarzenegger is so much sharper, so much sharper, on Schwarzenegger than it is on Sergio Olivia, and if you’re just used to thinking of bicep length and bicep height as contributing to the way the biceps are shaped it’s also three dimensionality from the front to the back and that separation between the biceps and triceps on Schwarzenegger, plus, just above it there’s a darker shadow that leads to a highlight. The darker shadow is like a shelf hanging over before you even get to the separation between the biceps and triceps. I mean, there’s no comparison, not to say that Sergio Olivia wasn’t great, he was, but the point is there’s so much going on with Schwarzenegger biceps and there was so much that Sergio had that is just unmatched to this day, if you were to simply just put Schwarzenegger’s bicep on Sergio, or even reverse them, if you reverse them, put Sergio’s bicep on Schwarzenegger’s arm, Schwarzenegger would be greatly diminished and it’s not just the lighting in that photo. You can see it in every photo of Sergio Oliva and you can see it in every photo of Schwarzenegger. Sergio’s biceps from front to back, that axis front to back, as opposed to left to right, and top to bottom, the front to back it’s very flat on Sergio Olivia, plus the height dimensions of surges arms didn’t match for Schwarzenegger’s but you can see clearly in some photos of Schwarzenegger in every single lighting condition that he had that front to back aspect as well as enough width to the bicep, left to right good insertions, not to an narrow of a bicep, not too tendinous of a bicep, long enough muscles, plus Schwarzenegger had the height. Sergio had everything, including biceps, but the point is that Schwarzenegger had such freakiness to the biceps, if you were to take that away from Schwarzenegger and give him, you know, Calum von Moger or some other, Frank Zane’s bicep or Sergio Olivia’s biceps, he wouldn’t be who he is today. Conversely, if you were to give Schwarzenegger’s biceps over to Sergio, he’d be by far the dominant bodybuilder.

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