Is Arnold Trolling Kai Greene?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Trolls Kai Greene
Arnold Schwarzenegger Trolls Kai Greene

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Below are two different videos by Youtube’s luimarco on how he believes Arnold Schwarzenegger is trolling Arnold Classic Winner Kai Greene.
We have included the times marking Arnold’s comments but watching the whole video gives more of the background behind the incidents.
2016 Arnold Classic Brasil results here.

The PREVIOUS video luimarco refers to is the 2nd video below. All 3 trolling incidents are shown on the videos below.

At 5:00 luimarco shows the most recent trolling incident at the 2016 Arnold Classic Brasil.

The video below is the video luimarco refers to in the above video:
1:50 and 3:40 show Arnold’s remarks.

2016 Arnold Classic Brasil

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