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Bodybuilding Biohacking
Bodybuilding Biohacking

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Roelly Winklaar
Roelly Winklaar

With bodybuilders now having arms the size of legs and a myriad of medical muscle building breakthroughs on the horizon, are people going to be desensitized to large muscles? Years ago it used to be that only people with good genetics for muscle had big muscles. Nowadays everyone and their brother and sister can get huge muscles with weight training and drugs but it’s like…so what? There’s no longer anyone that stands out like Arnold did because anyone today can inflate themselves with insulin and synthol, even those with lesser genetics. How much more desensitized are people going to be when real myostatin blockers and genetic tampering replace steroids and do a lot more effective job of it? Roelly Winlaar has natural genetics for muscle size but the day will come that anyone will be able to be that size. Once that happens people will look for some other way to stand out?

Just like supplement companies are coming up with their own prohormones and sarms, do-it-yourself biology aka biohacking will have an impact on the bodybuilding world.

Do-it-yourself biology (DIY biology, DIY bio) is a growing biotechnological social movement in which individuals, communities, and small organizations, study biology and life science using the same methods as traditional research institutions. DIY biology is primarily undertaken by individuals with extensive research training from academia or corporations, who then mentor and oversee other DIY biologists with no formal training. This may be done as a hobby, as a not-for-profit endeavor for community learning and open-science innovation, or for profit, to start a business.


There are already biohacking conventions. As software and computing speeds continue to improve and internet idea-sharing continues, it’s anyone’s guess as to what discoveries will be made. Just like there are young people that can do outrageously advanced computer hacking, you’ll have young and old coming up with all kinds of biohacks, some good, some bad. With people’s current penchant for tattoos, piercings, implants, crazy hair colors, etc… you can imagine what people may come up with when they can physically mutate themselves. We may end up with physical culture that is unrecognizable today. Will you be able to be on the cutting edge and separate yourself from the pack or will there be a yearning to get back to where we are now or even an earlier time?

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