Microphone Dominance: Shawn Ray vs Sadik Hadzovic


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Seemingly hypo-manic, gum smacking, little-eye-contact Sadik Hadzovic is high off of a Mr. Olympia fitness win, or whatever the contest or placing was, and is giving former pro-bodybuilder/journalist Shawn Ray an interview. Journalists like to establish dominance by controlling the mic but Sadik snatches control from Shawn Ray two times before Shawn Ray explodes and insists that, although Sadik Hadzovic was allowed the upper hand twice, Shawn will have no more of it. Some are claiming that not losing control of the mic is rule number one in journalism. How can Shawn and other reporters prevent such awkwardness in the future? It may boil down to body language and how the mic can be presented to the interviewee in such a manner that the perception of literally handing over the microphone is not advanced. A sure-fire way to prevent mic-swapping is pre-interview insistence that the mic will not leave the interviewer’s grasp, unless the self-absorbed subject of the interview has a short memory and forgets agreed upon mic-dominance ground rules.

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