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This champion’s only weakness are his forearms. If he can bring them into proportion with his biceps he will be unstoppable at next year’s Arnold Classic Brazil.

Synthol, short for “site enhancement oil” or “pump ‘n’ pose oil,” is a controversial substance often associated with bodybuilding and the fitness industry. It’s a site-injection oil that bodybuilders use to artificially enhance the size and appearance of specific muscle groups, primarily for what they deem aesthetic purposes, although the results are often unattractive. Here are some key points to understand about synthol:

  1. Composition: Synthol is typically composed of a mixture of oil, alcohol, and lidocaine, a local anesthetic. It’s designed for injection directly into the muscles.
  2. Purpose: Bodybuilders use synthol to give certain muscles a fuller and more rounded appearance, creating the illusion of greater size and symmetry. It’s not used to increase actual muscle mass or strength but rather to enhance visual proportion, although the results are often unaesthetic.
  3. Injection Sites: Common injection sites for synthol include the biceps, triceps, deltoids, and calves, as these muscles are often the focus of enhancement for bodybuilders.
  4. Immediate Results: One of the attractions of synthol is that it provides almost immediate results. Users can experience an instant increase in the appearance of muscle size, not actual muscle.
  5. Dangers: The use of synthol is highly controversial and considered dangerous by many experts in the field of bodybuilding and fitness. When misused or overused, synthol can lead to a range of health issues, including infections, muscle deformities, and nerve damage. In extreme cases, it can even result in the need for surgical intervention to correct damage. It is generally considered an unwelcome addition to bodybuilding.
  6. Regulation: Synthol is not approved for use in this manner by medical authorities. It’s not regulated or monitored for safety, and its use is considered highly risky.
  7. Controversy: The use of synthol is a divisive issue in the bodybuilding community. Some argue that it’s a legitimate tool for achieving aesthetic perfection, while others condemn its use as an unpredictable shortcut that can lead to disfigurement and compromise the integrity of bodybuilding.
  8. Alternative Approaches: Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts advocate for traditional methods of muscle building, such as resistance training, proper nutrition, and recovery, to achieve long-term, healthy muscle growth. They view synthol as a dangerous shortcut that doesn’t contribute to genuine strength or athletic ability.

In summary, synthol is a controversial substance used by some bodybuilders to enhance the appearance of specific muscles, primarily for aesthetic purposes. Many believe its effects are unaesthetic. Its use is associated with a range of health risks and is widely criticized within the fitness and bodybuilding communities. Most experts recommend traditional, science-based approaches to muscle development as safer and more effective in the long term.

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