Rare Sergio Oliva Photos Part 3

Sergio Oliva

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sergio Oliva and himself competing in 1969 versus 1970

Sergio beat me in 1969 because he was a little bit bigger than I was and he was more ripped than I was. So what does he do the following year? He gains 10 pounds. Well, it’s very difficult to gain 10 pounds of muscle quality, and of perfection. So he gained 10 pounds. We met at the Mr. World competition in Columbus Ohio that Jim Lorimer organized and I just came back from the Mr Universe contest literally a night before in London where I had pre-judging, judging, and pose offs, and this and that, and all that stuff, so I was fine-tuned. I lost like five extra pounds. And Sergio came in with the 10 pounds heavier and that beat him. And so this was a perfect example that bigger is not better. And so some people make that mistake It’s not a mistake that is not reversible.

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