Rich Piana’s Brilliant Comeuppance

Piana vs Genova
Piana vs Genova

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Piana vs Genova
Piana vs Genova

Rich Piana is a businessman trying to make an honest buck with as little stress as he can manage. When someone with a platform(which, with the internet, is everyone these days) upsets the balance, it can throw your day out of wack, if you let it.

Brilliant move number one was to engage perceived nuisance Jason Genova in a friendly slap battle. Brilliant move number two was to have cameras capture the action. Brilliant move number three, whether Piana-executed or not, is having infinitely repeating animated gifs of Piana’s paw impacting Genova’s muzzle in an endless smackdown of vengeance.

Rich Piana and Jason Genova slap box

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