High Volume Training: Dave Draper and Leroy Colbert

Colbert Draper

In a fascinating exploration of bodybuilding history, we delve into the high-volume training methods employed by two legendary figures in the sport—Leroy Colbert and Zabo Koszewski.

During the formative years of bodybuilding, Dave Draper had the opportunity to witness firsthand the intense dedication of Colbert and Koszewski to their training regimens. Before Draper’s rise to fame and his tenure at Weider’s Muscle Beach office in Santa Monica in 1963, he spent time working alongside Colbert at Weider’s warehouse in New Jersey.

According to Draper’s accounts, his days with Colbert were filled with relentless sets of seated alternate dumbbell curls, showcasing Colbert’s unwavering commitment to training. Draper recalls the intensity of their sessions, where they would bond over endless sets while coworkers took lunch breaks.

Colbert’s dedication extended beyond their time in the warehouse. Alongside Draper, he frequented renowned bodybuilding establishments such as Vic Tanny’s Santa Monica Dungeon and Gold’s Gym Venice, where they pushed their limits with grueling sets of high-rep abs exercises.

In addition to Colbert, Draper also observed the rigorous training habits of Zabo Koszewski and his circle of friends. They, too, embraced the ethos of high-volume training, dedicating themselves to numerous sets of full squats during each workout session.

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