WBF: The WWE Version of Bodybuilding

WBF: World Bodybuilding Federation
WBF: World Bodybuilding Federation. Vince McMahon standing next to a 6'2" Tom Platz?

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In 1990 Vince McMahon formed a rival bodybuilding organization, called the WBF, which would be in competition with the Weider’s IFBB. Ultimately, it only lasted for two years and most of the bodybuilders it hired away from Weider eventually went back to the IFBB. The video above shows a more flashy approach to bodybuilding.

Aaron Baker, Mike Christian, Vince Comerford, David Dearth, Berry DeMey, Johnnie Morant, Danny Padilla, Tony Pearson, Jim Quinn, Mike Quinn, Eddie Robinson, Gary Strydom, and Troy Zuccolotto were the initial 13 competitive bodybuilders competing in the WBF. Later, Lou Ferrigno was to be a competitor but McMahon and Ferrigno couldn’t reach a final agreement.

Vince McMahon created the WBF as competition to the long established International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB). In 1990, McMahon initially denied that he was starting a bodybuilding organization, instead stressing that he was only starting a magazine called Bodybuilding Lifestyles. He hired famed bodybuilding personality Tom Platz to oversee the publication.

The magazine secured a booth at the IFBB Mr. Olympia contest held on September 15, 1990 in Chicago. At the conclusion of that competition, the booth handed out press releases announcing the WBF’s formation. The press release stated that the WBF would “revamp professional bodybuilding with dramatic new events and the richest prize money in the history of the sport.” It also mentioned that Tom Platz would be Director of Talent Development for the organization.

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