Steve Reeves, The Slave, 1962

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Son of Spartacus aka The Slave starring Steve Reeves

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steve reeves Randus - son of Spartacus
The Slave, Son of Spartacus

A lot of Italian Movies are released under a number of titles and Il figlio di Spartacus aka The Son of Spartacus aka The Slave is no different. It features Randus, the son of Spartacus 25 years after his father’s revolt. After Randus is promoted to centurion, he’s sent to Egypt to inform Caesar on co-triumvir Marcus Licinius Crassus who Caesar mistrusts. While traveling from Egypt to Rome by sea mercenary troops force Randus into captivity which prompts him to revolt getting freedom for himself and the other slaves.

The Slave is directed by Sergio Corbucci who is not as well known as fellow Italian director Sergio Leone but has made some notable Spaghetti Westerns including Minnesota Clay, 1964, Django, 1966, Navajo Joe, 1966, Hellbenders, 1967, The Mercenary, 1968, The Great Silence, 1968, and Companeros, 1970. Franco Nero starred in a few of Corbucci’s westerns and played the the original Django which spawned over 30 westerns with the name Django in the title, none of which were directed by Corbucci or starring Nero. Django was co-written by Corbucci and was based on Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo as was Leone’s Fistful of Dollars.

Check out this clip from Corbucci and Reeve’s The Slave.

steve reeves in "the slave"
Steve Reeves in “Le Fils de Spartacus”, “Il figlio di Spartacus”, or “The Slave” depending on your language.

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